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Spell check and links WILL NOT WORK with the new dashboard

  1. the problem is when i am working on a draft or an existing post. the buttons are not there.

  2. The spell check issue has been reported many, many, many times in the forum. Support is working on the bug.

  3. I was playing around writing a new post, and I noticed the misspelled words were underlined. So I right-clicked on them and lo and behold there were words I could choose from at the top of the box that opened. Until the real spell checker is back, maybe this will help someone? (I use Firefox 2.0 and Windows XP)

    Also noticed all the COOL new stuff when you click on the "kitchen sink" icon. Wow!

  4. Oh...I'm sorry. I see membracid already said that and explained it's a Firefox function. Oh well. I was just trying to help. I've helped implement new versions of old systems and I know how frustrating this period can be for all sides.

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