Spell check doesn’t like words ending in “ent” and “th”

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    Hello, when I toggle on the spellcheck, it mainly works fine, and underlines some badly spelled words.
    But it also underlines the ends of lots of words too.
    For example, in the word “with”, the final “th” is underlined. This happens too on other words which end in “th” or in “ent.”
    Its kind of cute. But wierd. Any idea why it does that?



    That’s strange, it’s not doing it for me. I tried “accomplishment, achievement, different”, “faith, bath” and none of them are underlined. Sometimes the spellchecker can act strangely for different people – someone’s even said it reported “blog” as a misspelling. Do you use Firefox at all? It has an inbuilt spellchecker; that might work better for you.

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