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Spell check for non-US English?

  1. For blogs hosted on, I notice that Portuguese speakers can indicate whether they're in Brazil or not, and that French speakers can indicate whether they're in Canada or not, but that English speakers are always assumed to be in USA, despite the fact that the majority of English speakers spell things differently from USA residents.

    There are spell check dictionaries available outside for British and other kinds of English, so how do I pick one?

    (I do note that there may be plugins to do this, but does not allow them, and I'm not going to self-host.)

  2. Are you unable to find an English (British) spellchecker that's a browser add-on or browser extension? I'm using Firefox and I have one. May I suggest you do a Google search and locate one.

  3. Firefox add-on is fine, if you like to use this browser, of course.

  4. @ludusnaturae
    Thanks for posting that link. :)

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