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    Help, please? This is probably another infantile question….

    Most often I have a dicey internet connection, so I have to compose in WordPad and copy and paste the whatever in the compose block rather than just type it in the compose block.

    I set it in html because the first time I posted anything, I did it in Visual, but when I tried to edit it, it came up in html with the codes in place. The second time I tried to post something, I started with the html without the codes, and it published, but when I tried to edit it, the codes were missing. So, now I start with html and manually add the codes, which is a bit cumbersome but not impossible.

    Now, maybe I’m doing it all wrong, and that’s not the way to do it, but I can live with it. The main reason for the inquiry is that there’s no spell checking that I can see. If it’s built in, it doesn’t show. If it’s not built in and there’s a button for it, I don’t know which it is.

    And, I don’t want to mess around too much with something on the compose page because if the connection dies I have to start all over.

    Information or suggestions would be appreciated. (Thanks!)


    The blog I need help with is carpathianpeasant.wordpress.com.



    I’d like to suggest that you try using a free offline blog editor like windowslivewriter. I think you will find that preparing your posts offline in blog editor and publishing your posts from it may solve your problem as wlw does have a spellchecker and many other features as well.


    Thank you, but I can’t use it. Windowslivewriter doesn’t accommodate wireless; requirements list only dial up and broadband. (I just looked.)

    I have Open Office installed, but that’s often more of a bother than WordPad.

    I can’t really use that toolbar, either. While Internet Explorer 8 is set as the primary browser, it sticks so much (stops dead in the middle of displaying a page) that most often I use Opera or even Bing.

    There is a spell checker in this system somewhere as I just made a mistake in typing this and it showed up.


    1. Use Firefox (has spell check).

    2. WLR supports any internet connection.

    3. The built in spell checker here is in the toolbar just above the post content with the ABC and green checkmark.



    1. Firefox needs an online connection. WordPad is built into Windows. You don’t need an online connection to write something.

    2. If WLR supports any internet connection, I shall look into it further.

    3. There is no ABC with green checkmark above the html compose block. That’s only above the “Visual” compose block. HOWEVER, hovering the mouse over that, revealed a word: Proofread. Proofread is above the html compose block and it does check spelling.

    Thank you both.

    Gee…. Now I don’t have to check the spelling by pasting it in an email compose page…. :-) :-)



    (1) WordPad is a text rich editor that adds necessary code into the HTML that the wordpress.com TinyMCE editor has to strip out.

    (2) windowslivewriter is at least 1,000 times better than Wordpad and it’s an ofline blog editor that does it all images and the whole nine yards. The only time you need to connect to the internet is when you are ready to click “publish”. You will also have a backup of every post you write using WLW on your own computer.


    Windowslivewriter installed and configured (I think!) …Not everything offered at the download site. There’s no need for anything like “family security” in this apartment.

    I shall be back here in a day or two if it doesn’t work.

    Timethief, please don’t go away.

    Thank you.


    To continue a bit:

    1. Entry for #1 blog seemed to work okay (right nice super gadget).

    #2 blog’s theme doesn’t show. The message posted okay; but it was created on an unadorned compose block. Is this the way it’s supposed to be? If not, given that scrap of information, can you tell me how to fix it?

    And, in the drop down menus #2 blog carries the same identification as #1 blog. Right now it’s easy to tell them apart — one carries an image of a theme, one doesn’t — but if I should go so far as to create a third blog (for a different collection of people) I’m liable to lose track of which is which. I’m among those susceptible to “senior moments.”

    2. Given that blog entry was posted, a subsequent look in the normal way (online) noted a little something to be fixed. So, I got in there to edit in the normal way (online); after each period at the end of sentences there were about 4-5 numbers/figures (that I don’t have handy) that I don’t understand. Presumably something bad will happen if the lineup is disturbed,,,, Yes?

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