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Spell Checker Problems

  1. I saved a post.

    I toggled the spell checker. On a misspelled word, I get a drop-down of suggestiopns. Cool so far. I highlight one. Nothing happens.

    I toggle spell checker. No changes to misspellings.

    When I toggle off, I lose editing ability in post unless I save and contine uediting.

    I am doing something wrong?

  2. Need to know what OS, browser, and browser version you're using please.

  3. Great-OS is Windows XP professional.

    Firefox 1.08

  4. Have you considered upgrading to firefox 2? I could be wrong but I believe the browser version you have may have "issues". What I do know is that everything I do works in firefox 2 and displays well.

    I think this is where I downloaded firefox 2 from but I'm sure there must be other sites too.
    Firefox 1. This version of Firefox will be supported until April 24, 2007 with security and stability updates. We strongly encourage all users to upgrade to Firefox 2.

  5. Since I downloaded the new updated Firefox browser, everything anywhere that I spell wrong is underlined in red.

  6. Yup firefox 2 has a built in spell checker that I love. :)

  7. I am having the exact same problem with spell check as described above. I am using Windows XP however, I use IE 6

    Any suggestions n how to fix my problem? (And using firefox or a different browser isn't a legitimate suggestion!)


  8. Folks, we need to stop suggesting to folks that they switch browsers. That doesn't solve the issue presented. The only time that that is allowed is when we're dealing with Safari and the WYSIWYG editor.

    The editor recently received an upgrade. You may be hitting a misfire. Please completely clear out your browser cache as well as your browser's store of cookies and do a forced reload (ie CTRL-F5) of the page that you are looking at.

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