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  1. Does this thing have a spellcheck feature and I just can't find it? My spelling is notrocuos (oops) atrocious.

  2. Afraid not. Part of that has to do with the fact that there's really not a good GPL'ed dictionary list anymore. You have to purchase one or license one.

    Their is a Lookup button along the edit scene though that might be of use to you on single words though.


  3. There might not be a spell check in but there is a spell check extension for Firefox that I use all the time that is a dream. The Spellbound Firefox Extension works with Firefox and adds spell check, like WordPerfect and Word's red underline effect, to any form or comment in which you write in from the Firefox browser. Click on the red underlined word and see your spelling choices. Brilliant.

    Here's a hint on installing it. Install it from the Spellbound page, close and restart Firefox, then open Extensions and run Update and the latest version should be there on the update. Then run the update, close and restart Firefox and you will have the latest version. Hopefully the latest version will soon be on the author's web page.

  4. The Google toolbar for Firefox also supports a spellcheck, but it doesn't work with the built-in WYSIWYG editor, so it's a trade-off.

    You could also use a desktop blogging client which often includes things like spell-checking.

  5. There is also an application called IE Spell which (obviously) works with Internet Explorer. I think.

  6. Thanks guys!

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