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    After I use Spellcheck: it doesn’t go away, the haze kind of thing remains
    over my post even after I click on each word. Can’t find any relevant in SEARCH.

    So far I’v clicked on ABC button again –it just starts up again;
    click on HTML version to get rid of it, but that doesn’t always work:
    How to turn off Spellcheck?
    Is there an “off” button my Dashboard is missing?
    Can I publish with Spellcheck still on?

    Dictionary: seems antiquated -very common words are missing/considered
    “mispelled” –Spellcheck doesn’t recognize two-word city names,
    common Internet words, i.e., blog –blogging –google, many others.
    Will WP be up-dating dictionary?
    Or adding: “add to dictionary” to make it custom, like in WORD?

    If it matters I’m on: winXP/IE6




    Please try waiting for the page to load completely before you click the proofreading (spellchecking) icon.

    You can go to Users > Personal Settings on your dashboard and change settings under “Proofreading”. You can add phrases to “Ignored Phrases” if you don’t want them checked.

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