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Spellcheck feature?

  1. Under "Features" for it says:

    To keep you from looking too silly, we include an inline spell-checker that makes it easy to proof your posts.

    But I don't seem to have one and Dr. Mike said on the forums that there isn't one. So shouldn't you remove that as a feature? If there is one and I just misunderstood the forum discussion please tell me how to access it. All I seem to have is "lookup" which is a pain.


  2. Actually there is one built into the Rich text editor. The regular editor has a lookup feature though. If you highlight a word and press the lookup button, it will popup a new window for a dictionary site.

    Hope this helps,

  3. drmike,
    hitting the lookup button takes me to but the inline spell checker doesn't work even with the rich text editor on. Is this b/c I have a mac intel?

  4. It might. What browser are you using? If it is Safari, it's been noted before that it has issues with the editor.

  5. yep it is Safari.

  6. That's probably what you're hitting then. Safari has issues with displaying WYSIWYG. Afraid there's really not work around besides to install Firfox or another browser.

  7. Thanks Dr Mike.
    I just downloaded firefox and and the write features all work! Hooray!

  8. Now you just have to wait for TT to come in here and give a yell. :)

  9. I'm not sure why I expected to come in here or how I can help. Firefox also has a built-in spellchecker. Firefox rocks! :)

  10. Someone's using firefox. You usually yell when someone switches.

  11. Ahhh ... I do remeber that I was chastized for suggesting that bloggers change from those *coughing* outdated IE browsers to firefox so I was laying low.

    w00t! Another firefox convert:D

  12. Suggesting - no. Yelling - yes. :)

  13. Thanks for making me smile on this difficult head-pounding day :P

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