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    Hello everyone,

    I recommend using languagetool or grammarly, they both are great solutions.




    I followed your suggestion for Chrome and it isn’t working for me.

    I have spell check on all other aspects of my computer, but they never appeared in WordPress. so I would always click the “ABC’ button. Apparently, I still need that button.

    Please note I am using the older version of the editor because I find the new one to be awful and cumbersome (did I spell that right? heh, heh, heh)

    I agree with the person who stated that a blog spot which is geared for writing (if I wasn’t writing, I would just be on Instagram) should have a grammer/spell check option attached to it. Which is probably why WP offered spellcheck, originally.

    I also agree that I started paying for my site and I am watching tools I use being taken away.

    Do I now need to try and load Grammarly?



    Hi there,

    Feel free to install the Grammarly extension as we don’t have immediate plans to bring that feature back.


    In what world do WordPress Developers live where they believe that browsers provide adequate grammar/spell checking capability?
    I can’t remember the last time my browser identified a spelling error, yet alone grammar mistakes.

    All add-ons (at least on Firefox) require users to give third-party apps/add-ons permission.
    Per LanguageTool proofreading software, “This extension will check your text by sending it to LanguageTool.org over an encrypted connection. Your text will not be stored. ”

    I have no idea how other users will feel about this, but it gives me no comfort whatsoever to know that my blog post content will be sent to a third-party entity rather than a tool that is native to the actual blog site I have chosen to trust with my content for years.

    Even Grammarly, which you seem to be promoting heavily to users, is not entirely free. To get full functionality from it, users have to pay for the Pro version of the app!

    From what I’ve read, the WordPress Community is not impressed with the elimination of the grammar/spell checker tool.

    I for one would greatly appreciate it if you would bring it back.



    I totally agree. Hundreds are upset and why does WordPress not care?



    Thanks for the feedback, folks. I’ve noted your complaints. It’s on the radar.



    Please, add me to the list of annoyed, paying customers.
    I’ve just returned to blogging after a few months and instantly regretted it.

    Removing a feature just because we can, if we want to, get it elsewhere? Cool. We can also host our sites elsewhere, just saying…


    Thanks for the feedback, @alpheblog

    We are definitely sharing this internally.



    I believe WordPress said it would be reinstated? that was weeks ago.



    Hello I am also complaining as I use your WordPress app to post, NOT A BROWSER. A Browser spell checker is useless to me in your app. Now I have to write in your app and then open it in Chrome to spell check.

    I’m very disappointed that this feature was removed.



    “There has not been any problem with the spell checker. We removed the feature as it has become a bit redundant lately.”

    So, spelling words correctly has become “redundant” and unnecessary? Was this decision made by a coder? How about asking someone who writes for a living whether spelling words correctly is unnecessary.

    For the love of all things holy, bring the spellcheck back!

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