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Spellcheck thinks "blog" is misspelled

  1. I was writing a post using the visual editor, then clicked on the spellcheck button. I had the word "blog" and "blogs" in the body of the post, and spellcheck underlined it as a misspelled word. You'd think would have technical jargon in their spellchecker - or maybe you wouldn't.

  2. hehe!

    Nice :o)

  3. Another random quirk:

    When you try and post to the forums a second time within a set limit (you know like you're trying to spam) it comes back and says:

    "Slow down, you move to fast."

    Yep, there spelling mistake is there for all too (sic) see!

  4. "Slow down, you move to fast."

    I get that too. lol

  5. Guys if your up for it I secured started constructing a new blog there yesterday that you two plus one may be interested in subscribing to,too, or not. This will probably be deleted as shameless self-promotion but it's a blog community blog where we can share high, lows, in betweens, foibles and laughs.P.S. Sorry for the edits but I only have clear vision in one eye today.

  6. Blog is mispelled. It's not in Oxfords Dictionary. :)

    edit: It is in the Slang edition though but that only counts in horseshoes.

  7. Congrats on securing pissoff, now all we need is some content to subscrive too.... ;)

    Can we call this the bad speeling thread?? ;)

  8. Hi Cornell,
    I have always been an excellent speller. But when I became ill one of the symptoms that I developed was blurry vision and presently I am possessed of what can best be described as come and go eyesight. On top of that I never took a typing course so I didn't have the key letter positions memorized prior to my hands becoming crippled.I began computing 3 years ago and web logging on April 8th. But at this "late" stage I'm prepared to cope with the embarassment that comes with the territory of belatedly noting one's spelling errors, cringing in horror and then correcting them if you are. P.S. I gutted the content from the unfortunately named web log noted above, secured and am currently reconstructing at blurt.P.P.S. How does a 1979 Norton 850 Commando strike you? It's had only two owners. First it was my brother's fresh from the factory and then it became my husband's.

  9. Ok, since we have a moderator watching this, let's see if he can get someone from to answer the question. How hard would it be to add the word "blog" to the dictionary of the visual editor?

  10. Perhaps adding blog, blogger, blogging might be possible.

  11. Time thief - Oh My! a '79 Commando? Suweeet!

    I think we would get more luck if Podz or one of the other key masters see it, They can probably update the dictionary fairly easily.

  12. Please remember that the Moderator is *NOT* connected with WP Staff. :)

    How hard would it be to add the word "blog" to the dictionary of the visual editor?

    It's a lot easier to get someone from WP to answer questions than it is to get people to read teh thread that they're posting to to see the answer of the question that they're asking. :)

    (ie It's not in the Oxford Dictionary so offically it's not a part of the English language.)

  13. the bloggiest blog gets bloglisted by the bloggeratti at bloggle.

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