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spellchecker gone bananas

  1. My spellchecker started to have a mind of its own. One time it's working, one time it's not. But mostly not, which makes writing a post a much more lengthy and tiring process. Does someone have an idea what's going on?

  2. Someone started a thread on this yesterday. Sounds like it's some functionality that got changed on the back end, so send a feedback in reporting what you're using to view the page and what exactly is happening. Hopefully it can be streamlined, or at least changed back.

  3. I've experience the behavior described above as well as what I described at

  4. In the middle of June there were similar spellchecker problems for some of those with IE browsers Who knows if the two are related? Anyway, whether they are or not, as raincoaster says this should be brought to staff attention so send in feedbacks.

  5. I thought it was just me, relying on Google Checker, on their drop down list from browser software tab.

  6. @ dwpboxing
    Feedback - don't forget to send one in.

  7. The latest version of Firefox has an awesome spell-check function that is automatic when you type in forms (like this reply box, for example, or composing a new post.)

  8. I'm a firefox girl too membracid and the ff built-in spellchecker rocks. But lots of folks are stuck on a terminal at work where they can only use IE browsers.

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