Spelling Mistake on “Change Password” Help page

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    This is the text:
    How do I change my password?
    Log in to WordPress.com and go to your dashboard and then go to Users > “Your Profile”. In the bottom right is “Update Your Password”.

    If you don’t have a blog, when you log in you will be taking to a page with an “Update Your Password” form.

    The word “taking” is incorrect. It should read “taken”.



    Best bet would be to submit a feedback on Monday. That way you can be assured that a staff member is made aware of the issue.

    Please note that I ask that you respond to this thread when you see this. Pointing out spelling errors here in the forums is really a nono as some members here have physical issues with typing and I think it would be best if I went ahead and deleted this thread.



    Fixed. Thanks for the report.



    Dr Mike, I don’t think it’s an issue: it’s not addressing the forum spelling, it’s addressing the spelling coming from WordPress.com itself, which is professional copy. If it’s not up to professional standards, it should be corrected.

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