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    Hi everyone,

    Things are back to normal at http://cubiyanqui.com. Stats graph looks like the Matterhorn in the middle of Iowa.

    The final report on yesterday’s traffic: 500% increase in views per day. 0% increase in the number of “referrers” and 0% increase in “Search Engine Terms”

    The traffic increase showed up on the “Total Views” even if it wasn’t showing up for the first hour or so of the spike.

    It still shows yesterday as my busiest day ever.

    I have snow “on” today as I did yesterday which would explain that as a reason for the wacky behavior. I wouldn’t be suspicious if the increase was not 500% for the first — and only time — time since the launch back in July ’09.

    I was not running any flat screen TV raffles…



    Have you people gone to your Google webmasters account and taken note of any changes there such as a large number of pages being indexed?




    “I have snow “on” today as I did yesterday which would explain that as a reason for the wacky behavior”

    should be: “…would NOT<strong/> explain that as…”




    “I have snow “on” today as I did yesterday which would explain that as a reason for the wacky behavior”

    should be:

    “I have snow “on” today as I did yesterday which would NOT explain that as a reason for the wacky behavior”



    I don’t think I have a Google Webmasters account.

    Frankly, if turning snow on worked like this, I’d turn it on and off once per day. Woohoo, I’m famous!



    (1) Have you recently verified your blog and registered it with the three big search engines?
    (2) Does your Google webmasters account shoe that a large number of pages have recently been indexed?
    (3) Have you corrected a number of crawl errors?
    (4) Have you recently become a member of digg, twitter or stumbleupon and had one or more of your posts featured?



    oops I meant to type “show” not “shoe” above – sorry :(



    1 no
    2 see above
    3 no
    4 no

    and if any of those were the case, would they not affect ALL of my blogs? I’m seeing this on two of them, not on any of the others.



    Each blog is separated verified and registered. When you have a Google webmasters account you can get detailed information on each individual blog. For each individual blog you get this important information:

    Googlebot has successfully accessed your home page.
    Pages from your site are included in Google’s index.
    Top search queries
    Links to your site
    Crawl stats – Googlebot activity in the last 90 days
    Crawl errors
    Internal links
    Subscriber stats
    HTML suggestions
    Missing title tags
    Duplicate title tags
    Long title tags
    Short title tags
    Non-informative title tags



    i’ll go check my webmaster account and report back



    I am wondering how I add my wordpress.com blog to the Google webmaster’s account. How do I add the required meta coding to my header.



    I ended up with close to a 300% spike in page views yesterday over an average day with 0% increase in referrers or search engine terms. It is the lack of increase in referrers that has us all puzzled.

    Yes, I have Google webmaster tools and checked it. Situation normal.
    No to questions, 1-4.

    @TT when I started the other thread on “snow and stats” it was not a second thread because this thread consisted of the OP’s post only and was down the list of older posts from a few days ago. I will take credit and blame for introducing the idea of the snow being a possible factor, though at this point raincoaster has convinced me that it’s not ;-)



    My Webmaster account shows no unusual activity. No crawl errors either or issues corrected recently.



    @jmadlc55, maybe we should just be thankful for the spike & call it a great Saturday?




    I did by opening an account for them at google. I used my yahoo email address, no need to sign up for gmail unless you want to.

    Also, you’ll find “Webmaster Tools Verification” under “Tools” in the WP.com Dashboard. You can register with Google, Yahoo and Bing. I found it easy an I’m no tech.

    Indexing by search engines — i’ve been told — takes a few weeks.




    I’m with you!



    Thanks for the info jmadlc55… done!



    The “indexing takes a few weeks” is really a fudge. I’ve seen it happen on WP.com un-domain mapped blogs within an hour or so sometimes. But it CAN take longer.



    One of the things I’m seeing on my formerly very quiet Shebeen Club blog is that the hits on individual posts are ALSO up.

    Title Views
    Poetry? Rilly? 7 More stats
    About the Shebeen Club 5 More stats
    Reading is Sexy Calendar Launch 5 More stats
    Eustace Tilley gets a makeover 3 More stats
    Procrastination is 3 More stats
    Meet Pamela Masik, artist of The Forgott 2 More stats
    BC Book Prizes Online Auction closing so 2 More stats
    Blogging for Writers: a reading list 1 More stats
    Writers’ Express Saturday, November 14th 1

    Now, that totals more than this blog typically gets in one day anyway. So this leads me to think the hits are actually real, rather than something weird with the main page and snow.



    A while ago, I thought my stats were overinflated. I asked here and no one had an answer so I took it to support. Turns out some people visiting my blog were submitting me to things like stumble, etc. Before that, my stats averaged somewhere around 40-50 a day, sometimes a little higher and sometimes a bit lower. Now I average a a minimum of 100 hits a day. However, what made me wonder about yesterday’s stats is that it climbs throughout the day, not a bunch first thing in the morning. When I checked my blog yesterday morning, I already had 199 hits. And then I watched it climb very quickly, very, very quickly. Usually what happens is that I post something and then I get a big increase in stats like today. This leads me to believe that the folks that subscribe to my blog are submitting it when they a new post — it usually increases quickly within 1/2 to 1 hour after posting. Yesterday was very unusual because it had a huge spike before I ever posted. I also get the usual Google referrals like I did today.

    Today it didn’t spike until after I posted today’s post. Today is a usual day. It will steadily climb and peak out about 9-10 p.m. tonight but I won’t get any more spikes. I have two blogs, my main one (the one connected to my avatar) is the one that spiked. My other blog did not spike yesterday and acted normal. Whatever the reason was, I hope the numbers are genuine instead of inflated. I’m going with inflated as I really don’t see my blog as being that popular.

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