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Spike in traffic

  1. @sistersthree
    You asked: "I am wondering how I add my blog to the Google webmaster's account. How do I add the required meta coding to my header. "

    Please take note of these instructions in the wordpress support documentation.
    Verifying and registering blogs with Google, Yahoo and Bing

  2. I went from 10 views.. to 130 today... so somethign is def wrong with the stats tool

  3. All guess and... any verdict?

  4. I'm seeing the same thing - big spike on Sunday traffic with NO referrers. Something is up.

  5. My stats seem to be back to normal today. Up over 500 yesterday... back down to 10 so far this morning. The spike in the graft is a sight to see. :-)

  6. Raincoster,
    I added the widget that shows stats. The red number that is in the center, this is the number of people viewing my blog live? Is this correct, thank you.

  7. @sub4runr
    Hello there. If you read the thread you will find your answer. It is: "We don't know and if we did know this thread would be marked 'resolved'."

  8. @ timethief
    Hey how's it going? Fair enough, haha. I'm pretty new to all of this so I'm taking time to figure things out. I appreciate the response.

  9. @TimeThief
    Thank you for all that you do here and on "one cool site." As a result of the spike in stats, I decided it was time to go ahead and install one of the other statcounters as a backup reference. After going back and rereading the very helpful post on your blog, I went with statcounter. Now I'm ready for the next spike!

  10. I presume sub4runr is referring to the Whosamungus widget. If so: Yes, the red number in the center is the number viewing your blog live. Click on the widget to get details.

  11. Latest from Command Central:

    Q: It's been quite a jump from a 20-30 daily views-average to 500 today. Could it be a search engine indexing?

    A: Search engine robots are not counted in the view stats.

    There you have it folks. I still don't know and neither does Support.

    My stats are back to (a pathetically low/day-to-day average) number

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