Spikes in file download numbers

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    My site averages, at best, about 200 file downloads on a good day. Recently there have been instances where a single file shows download numbers of up to 3500 in one day. After these single-day spikes, the numbers return to normal,

    I can rule out a sudden, one-day-only surge in popularity, so what do you feel is causing these spikes? It’s throwing off my metrics.

    The blog I need help with is hypnagoguepodcast.com.


    Good Morning –

    We’ve had some glitches with the file download stats counting recently. There are occasions where the file download stats reflect the actual visitors or views of the site instead — this is likely what you’re describing.


    Actually, no. Visits are typically well under 100 on any given day, and those numbers have remained consistent. But thank you for looking into it.

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