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    I searched the forums and did not see this mentioned by anyone, so I am adding this help request. I am switching our blog from DARK WOOD to SPLENDIO. I read all the info about Splendio and chose it to use its SHOWCASE template. I followed the instructions and created two new pages, HOME and POSTS. Then I set HOME to be the SHOWCASE template and set POSTS as ONE COLUMN. Then I set the front page to STATIC – HOME and posts to POSTS. The problem is that the TEXT is not formatting properly in the three featured posts. I viewed it in three browsers with the same problem (IE 9.0.5, Firefox 11.0, Chrome 17.0)

    First … it is only utilizing less than half of the space it allocated for the feature posts.

    Second … it seems to be removing all formatting and just displaying the text with no paragraphs, no bullet lists, no number lists, even ignoring preformatted text posts.

    Here are two portions of a screenshot showing the problem:

    * Preformated address list: http://godisinourmidst.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/splendio-preformatted.jpg
    * Bulletted list: http://godisinourmidst.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/splendio-bulleted-list.jpg

    Thank you for your kind assistance. I tried to figure this out for a few hours and now I decided it was time to see if someone can point out what I am doing wrong :) Thank you!!!

    The blog I need help with is godisinourmidst.com.



    Hi! I’m using the Splendio theme right now. I think the featured post slider depends on 3 things:

    1. How long is your Title
    2. How long is your content
    3. Your featured image for the featured post.

    I don’t know if there’s any tricks on this but I think there are just around 70 words that will make it in the featured post slider + the image. In order for the space to be utilize well, you must have a featured image and around more than 70 words of content (including the title.) By the way, I don’t know as to why it removes the formatting. Sorry, :( But I hope I helped you in some way.

    This is the first time I commented in the forums but I felt like I wanted to help you because I too am having problems with Splendio. But I love its colors that’s why I can’t switch. >.<



    Thanks for your comments and notes … at least you have verified that Spledio is indeed stripping out formatting for the text (odd that it would go out of its way to do something like that). I don’t have any images at all in the featured posts (and do NOT want any there … I don’t recall it being required to have an image in each post). Question: What did you discover about the length of the Title ??? I never thought about that as a variable in this! Thanks again! And I hope that someone finds out about the format stripping aspect of this theme (and a possible update or work around)

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