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Split category posting to homepage?

  1. On my blog there is currently a header rotating around four featured posts then below just everything else in chronological order (yep thats sorta how a blog works!)


    What I would like to achieve is to maybe split my page up into four sections. I categorise ALL my posts and wondered whether I could feature four smaller posts (of everything in chronological order) but say just under four desired categories.

    Hence I may post a load of posts under a certain category - the top of the blog may just feature all from this same category and others being lost way down the page - hence if I have a four way split regardless of what category has had a load of posts anyone visiting would still see a range of variety of posts from my four selected categories.

    IE is there any theme that allows you post the latest 4 or 5 posts from within a certain category and post them within the blog (possibily with the top one having a photo!) I dont ask for much!

    Ill try and mock up what Im trying to achieve later!

    Thanks for reading,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just been looking through the themes and noticed this one is quite close to what I want to achieve..

    Can this category featured post be achieved in ANY theme ?


  3. Hi Lee, glad you found a theme that's close to what you're looking for.

    Can this category featured post be achieved in ANY theme ?

    The closest thing I can think of would be using the display posts shortcode:

    With a shortcode, you could display up to a certain number of posts in a particular category. Using the shortcode might give you the flexibility you like to use any theme.

    For example, this shortcode would give you the most recent 5 posts in the "news" category:

    [display-posts category="news" posts_per_page="5"]

    Let me know how it goes!

  4. Thanks for replying - rather than upgrade my current blog I decided to launch another brand new blog instead so have been concentrating on that one instead!

    It's only taken me a few hours to set up, change and fill with a few posts and I think im rather proud of what Ive achieved in such a short space.

    its all about Graffiti in Cardiff (and beyond) available at

    im just reading up on the shortcode thing and see whether is what Im after.

    Thanks again.


  5. Ah that shortcode malarkey is Godsend! I cant believe Ive never come across it before!

    its opened up a brand new world of what we can do within WordPress!

    What a little known secret!

    Thanks again,


  6. What a great blog about street art! And so glad you like the display-posts shortcode. It's a powerful thing, hope you have fun with it. :-)

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