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    How do I use this function and what does it do?



    You choose a place to type more – <!–more–> in a blog post, and that tag breaks the post into a two sections. The first section is an introductory teaser which terminates with the “more” tag. The second second is linked to it and appears on another page. The second section contains the whole post. It’s used when you have very long posts that you do not want to take up your whole front page.



    It’s also good when you’re posting a joke and you want to hide the punchline.



    I’m trying do this with the Emire theme, but I’m having no luck at all. I have my post, and in the middle I place the MORE command (via the WYSIWYG editor. I also added it via HTML).

    However, when I go to see the post, the MORE function isn’t there. Its still in the code when I edit the post, but its not showing up on the actual blog.

    Am I doing something wrong or does this theme not allow the MORE function



    There appear to be some issues being reported with the Emire theme which was just recently “widgetized”. I recommend that you send in a feedback on this.

    Here’s another thread about a possible Emire theme bug too I’m putting them together for the conveniance of sysadmin http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3946&replies=7



    whordan, we can’t give you a definate answer unless you show us what is occuring. It could be due to a number of issues.

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