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    Can someone please explain what split post more tags does exactly? ive been trying to split my pages for better control in terms of comments etc. How do i do this? instead of having 4 blogs i wanted to have 1 with four pages…with each page having different tags etc and the ability to comment on each section.


    if someone answered this already i havnt found it.

    thanks in advance



    The “more” tag just splits a long post so that it isn’t completely shown on the main page (front). It serves as a way to have more posts on the front page without having an entire book there. If you click on the ‘read more’ or click to the specific item, all the item is there and that is the only place.

    You can create 4 ‘pages’, each with their own comment section, but categories are the only way to seperate the content out the way you are talking. That or 4 blogs if they are completely seperate and you don’t want the content in the same blog.




    Understanding Pages
    Although you can create as many static pages as you wish there is more that you need to know. Only one page on a blog will automatically update with each new post you make. The other static Pages you create sit outside the blog structure and they can only be altered manually by editing them. Pages cannot have categories assigned to them. Pages do not get any Google juice.

    Inserting the More Tag
    When writing a lengthy post there is an option to having the whole post appear on the front page of your blog. You can break the text and have the remaining text appear on another page.

    Only one theme at wordpress.com I know of the Hemingway theme always displays only excerpts from two posts side-by-side on the front page.

    The Fadtastic theme shows one complete post on the front page and then only linked titles to the other posts.

    In all other themes more tag must be added using either the visual rich text editor, the standard editor or hand coding it into each post you that you wish to break the text into smaller segments in.

    (1) If you are using the visual rich text editor then the icon number to use is #13 and you use it wherever you want the text break to occur. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/15/what-do-all-the-icons-mean/

    (2) If you are using the standard editor click the [more] button wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (3) If you are hand coding type in <!–more–> wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (4) If you do not like the text that the theme is hardcoded to provide when you use the more tag you can change it by hand coding in
    <!–more your text goes here more!–>.

    VOILA! Happy blogging. :)



    Hey TT,
    How can I add more tag to my 1500 posts at one time?



    There is no bulk method available. You must edit each and every post, insert the more tag and then save.



    When I click the standard editor [more] button save the changes, no break occurs in my text. It’s still the full version of the post… Any help would be appreciated.



    In the preview mode prior to publishing the post the more tag will not be visible. However, if you did indeed click it then when the post is published and appears on the front page of your blog the effect will be there – the post will be split where you used the [more] button.



    I just tried entering the more tag “manually” — in my ecto editor. Should i be doing something else? Ecto doesn’t offer a “more” button or icon or shortcut. Do I have to go to html to insert this? (I’m always afraid to do this, since I seem to royally muck things up as soon as I toggle between rich editor and html…)



    Don’t you just hate it when people ask a question and then get the answer themselves afterall!!!

    >> I JUST tried going into HTML in Ecto, and THEN inserted the more tag… and VOILA!! I have the functioning more separator!!



    (TT! Pretty new avatar-pic!!)



    Thanks. It’s my gravatar too. :)


    When you have a new (or existing) post open in Ecto, go to draft > toggle menu > extended. That will split the write are into two panes. What you write in the top one is “before” the more tag, and what you write in the lower pane is “after” the more tag. Ecto’s documentation could use some work.

    Once you chose “extended” it will be the default until you actually “toggle” it off again using the same procedure. If you have a short post that doesn’t require a more tag, then just write it entirely in the top section of the window.



    @sacredpath… GOT IT! After I also changed the account > API to “Moveable Type”, your suggestion works like a dream!! Thanks!

    @tt – I’ve heard of gravatars… but they sound so heavy, so significant! :)


    Your welcome and glad it’s working for you.



    Thanks for the tips! Really help



    Thanks, the <more> tag works like a charm. If only I can fix my layout if FF, now.



    Is there a way to change the text that says “read the rest of this entry”?



    Yes, in the html editor. Use:

    `<!–more Read the rest of this entry. more!–>



    Here’s the blog entry that outlines it:


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