Split theme translations from wpcom po?

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    Apologies if this has been debated before (I couldn’t find anything) but how about stripping the theme descriptions from the po file and putting them in a separate, nice-to-have po? The wpcom po file is depressingly large as is and I having all these theme descriptions in there make it worse (haven’t counted). Not only that, I think they get in the way of making sure higher priority strings get translated – looking at the stats, even locales which are usually 100% on other projects (like German) don’t manage 100%.
    I know WP is a large project but this file is really bad for size. Would be good even the po files could be made even more modular, like Core-frontend, Core-backend, Payment, Themes etc. Not all locales have the same priorities and/or translators available.

    The blog I need help with is akerbeltzalba.wordpress.com.



    Thanks for the feedback!

    We’re working on ways to better partition the main project. Splitting theme descriptions makes sense and we’ll look into doing that.


    I see there is now a Themes subproject which I’m hoping is a precursor to what we talked about above. But there seems to be some overlap, for example I filtered for zuki in the main file and got this which also seems to be in the new zuki file.

    Is this because it’s work in progress or a bit of an oversight?



    Is this because it’s work in progress or a bit of an oversight?

    That’s because theme descriptions are needed in the main project, as well as in the theme project. But don’t worry – if you add the translation to one, it will be added to the other.

    Regarding filtering theme translations, we’ve just recently added some filters that will allow you to select specific areas or subjects to translate:


    The current list is temporary, but I hope this helps.


    I don’t intend to translate them, that was the whole point of this thread ;)

    And I don’t understand why they ‘have to be’ in the main project. Why? Even IF they are needed for building the localized UI on .com, then I don’t see why they can’t all be stripped out of the main translation file and put into the subproject as theme-descriptions.po and when you build/pull the translations, you pull them from that file. I cannot imagine a technical reason why they physically must be present in the main file, at the worst, you just merge them automatically.

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