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Splitting Content New Page problems

  1. I've got a webisode comic which I want to have split over several pages. Using the next page bit of code in the html window doesnt seem to work. I have the numbers at the bottom, but when clicked they just go to a seemingly empty page.

    There should be content there.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Or should I resort to individual pages for each of the episodes?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I forgot to add the actual pages which are having issues:

    Strangely enough the other 5 pages linked together seem to work.
    This is what I would like to happen

  3. Okay - i went digging through my code and found a < /div> at the end. Not sure what's caused that but got rid of it and its now all hunky dory again. If you can explain what's happened, then please help, but if not, its ok!


  4. You must have inserted the "next page" tag before the < /div > tag.
    Do you add the code while in html mode so you can see if you are splitting tags?

  5. I did, but i'm not sure where the div tag came from. What does it do?

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