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splitting up blogs from user account

  1. strikeforcesales

    I am associated with two blogs - one a personal one and one a business one.

    I have left the business.

    How do I move the personal blog to a new log in but keep the same name (as it is my name)???

    In otherwords... I want to create a new log in and have it so that when I log in I can access the blog that already exists under my personal name. ALSO I want it so that anyone who logs in using the business log in can not see or edit my personal blog.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Kind Regards

    Chris Moriarty

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's always best to provide a link (or links) to the site you are asking about.
    Is this your business blog?
    So your user name is "strikeforcesales?"

    Have you have given administrative access to people on your business blog? Even so, they would be logging in with their own accounts to only the business blog. You could make your business blog private and revoke the user status of anyone on the business blog.

    Then set your personal blog as your primary blog and that will be the one you log in to first.

    These might (or maybe not) be useful articles:

  3. business blog = ???

    (so sorry, forgot to paste in the linkā€¦)

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