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Splog shower

  1. For this shower, a typical blog name and post title is along the lines of this one: yibjacquelineeugenia : Joining The Thronging Citizen Journalism Contingent (By Writing About Movies)
    however all we get is a long list of links, either to more of the same or to porn ( as far as I can see; and I dont want to look further).

    Splog showers seem to have trailed off on in recent times, but some occasionally pop up on weekend USA nights when support is closed.

  2. First two are still there. What were the others?

  3. There is a link on the right of the blue admin bar to report as spam.

    Please use it.

    It is open 24/7 and it is looked at.

    Posting links to them means someone clicks to see and maybe clicks a link in the splog.
    That is not good.

    Please report these - it's the one and only thing to do.

  4. These days I'm not chasing splogs, but look out for splog showers or swarms. You can watch these blogs grow into hundreds from your dashboard. First thing I do is try to authenticate the splog as such. If need be, I'll click a few links (if there are any). However, one possible swarm I reported about 12 hours ago consisted solely of one entry blogs with no links, was trying (?) to sell hardware and autos. In such a case only staff have access to determine the connection.
    Back on watch, I see that the (afore mentioned) porno swarm is still propagating. OK Mark, If you're for some reason not getting my spam reports, then this is it: "On this day in history - Aug 6" looks like a pretty inocuous post heading, but, this splog is exactly more of the same porno swarm that I reported sept 23 somewhere around 5 am.

    Further information: All have Design by Beccary. None with avatar. several dozen links per post. The link words aren't fit to repeat in public.

    We had been having quite a clean run for some time, and I was thinking, hoping, that had come up with software to at least suspend splogs that have such long lists of pornograpy related words as links; thinking of software that would collect multiple splogs from the same author.

  5. Don't be posting the URLs in teh forum. Just use the button.

  6. forestneeds - we have a variety of ways and we are constantly refining them. Spammers change, we change. Please do not think we just sit and let them grow. That is absolutely not true.

    But the simple point is to report them. You can post urls here of course, but I'll not see them - I don't often use the OT forum - so posting them here just gives them more time.

    If anyone sees a blog they think is wrong, please report it.

  7. The porno splog swarm first reported early sept 23 continues to be reported, and is still coming in.
    Rather than cricise, please spend that time supporting by searching out and reporting those splogs from your dashboard's latest posts.

  8. Mark, there is no indication that you are recieving my spam reports on this splog swarm. I have been making them since 5 am sept 23. Support is currently closed. Feel free to email me.

    I see the posting of the splog names as a positive action, as they should have been nuked long before; it shows the pattern in the naming, and helps others help shut down this swarm. There is also a pattern in the post titles.

    Porn splog swarms are definitely off topic: completely off.

  9. The posting of porn URLs simply facilitates the clicking through to those URLs. Support recieves, and acts on, those reports that you make. As a forum user, I'm telling you that I do NOT want to see Porn URLs in this forum. Please don't post them here. You're only increasing their hits and throwing them in our faces.

    Just report them.

  10. It's the weekend again. nothing's been fixed. Yep, there's porn splog posts all through the latest posts that provides on my ( and your ) dashboard. Ok, all you moms and dads out there: this is the dark underbelly of the dashboard on your kids blog: it's in your face.

  11. i don't see any porn on my dashboard at all. Maybe you have bad timing?

  12. I havent' seen any recently either, and God knows I'm always online.

    But spam and splogs and such do go up on weekends, that's quite true.

  13. @judyb12 It's in the "latest posts" section. It is not a matter of timing, it is continuous. There's either one swarm with 2 sub sets, or two swarms active at the moment. Splog members that have been reported as being spam continue posting. One swarm is presently using seemingly general interest topics to link to 2 (or more) on-line drugstore sites; the other having posts consisting pretty much solely of dozens of porn/drug links. The member splogs of both swarms have no avatar and the blog title is of either one or two personal names with additional characters. Given these combinations, I would've though that the spam catchers behind would find it easy to nail these. At least that was my high expectation.

  14. I just reported one of those. "Glory Hole" as a title makes it rather easy to pick out. This is the first one I've seen in at least a couple of weeks, though.

  15. @forestneeds:
    yeah, i looked there, and i just looked again. No splogs.

  16. here, i made you a screenshot so you don't think i'm blind :-)

  17. Forestneeds, Akismet isn't hooked up to the whole blog registration thing. It has nothing to do with that. As far as I know, they rely solely on reports from users.

  18. It's mainly my job to nail these blogs. They can and do build while I'm asleep but during the day I am very frequently checking. I have many methods of finding them but their ability to infect the dashboards is unfortunately due in the main to me not being in front of this monitor.

    Reports are always very welcome - there is the risk that while attention is being spent on these particular blogs that others will creep in. And we don't want those either. So please do report.
    Every things gets read and acted upon if needed.

  19. Thanks Mark, I have not noticed any splog activity has for at least over half an hour or more.

    @judyb12, simonejohn was one of them.

    @raincoaster, it isn't to do with registration, catches comment spam trying to get to my blog; I have a high expectation of staff competency and skill to catch spam whereever it occurs. That is a vote of confidence.

  20. lettershometoyou

    I was reporting about 10 - 15 splogs a day for about a week toward the end of September, but it's dropped off a lot since. It made tag surfing a real drag, that's for sure.

  21. I'm surprised to hear you didn't enjoy finding the examples like 139 splogs created in 12 days and reporting them ;)

  22. The swarm that I first reported september 23 is still active right now, presently at more than one new splog per minute (eg: boris and ezekiel). Sometimes it's a quarter of the latest posts. Past swarms have at times taken up more than half the latest posts. I'm not counting Mark does though. Historically it's been at least that 140 splogs in 12 hour. Anyone who has spare time to browse the off topic forum definitely has plenty of time to search out and report splog swarm members.

    Latest move on the present swarm is dallas plus champ. Still on "design by beccary" (hough I have come across an odd one out).

  23. I work hours on the forum almost every day answering questions and multi-tasking at work (I work at home). When I have free time I'm hunting these splogs down and reporting them and I know that other forum volunteers are doing the same too.

  24. It's the weekend again, and the likes of dara pamela and sargent mitchell are at it again pushing drugs and porn on wordpress. Same swarm as that of 23 sept.

  25. thistimethisspace

    Yes indeed and they are easily found and reported by using tag surfer.

  26. Read about one woman's love/hate relationship with Hip Hop. Does she need drugs for her thyroid? Does Caesar need however many thousands of empty newly opened blogs? Well, no. It's still the 23 sept swarm. Is it an inside job? Is it a training exercise?

  27. The shower of splog swarms that I first noticed hitting on 23 sept continues more than one month on. Although superficially looking to be in different styles, it is the work of one splogger or team. For at least the last week the presentation has been the defalt wp blue header. There is a commonality of double personal names, eg gordonjulia, or one name with letters added to either end, eg timothywfg. I have noticed 3 or 4 content styles. Post titles such as "Back in the habit - booming religious communities, and their counterpart" with long lists of links, many of them empty wp blogs ending in links to drug or porn sites. Another style will be alledgedly about "What To Look For In A Honda Civic Cat Back Exhaust" but will have phrases within the body of the post as links to an online drug store, then ending with a list of phrases or sentences such as: "Size Of A Midgets Penis". A third style is Pretty much a long list of one link with different "pages(?)". It's been a weeek since I looked much, I think there may be another style. Nothing much has changed with how that particular splogger works on this shower.

  28. forestneeds: i have not seen splogs in tag surfer for the past week or so. what tags are you subscribing to?

  29. I dont subscribe to tags. I just look at the "latest posts" section under "what's hot" on the right hand side of my dashboard. Still the 23 sept shower slogs do have tags if you want to keep track of them via tags; Though the tags are various including: "games for girls", "ethics", "ugly jokes", and "stupid".

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