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Splog shower

  1. My last sighting of the 23 Sept splog shower was on 2 Nov. Has anyone had a more recent sighting?

  2. It was awful, wasn't it? Has anything been learned from all that? Will tag surfing be a chore instead of fun the next time around?

  3. @lettershometoyou: try the tags Bread Recipes, or Cheesecake Recipes, from easyrecipes before nuke it. That one is an example of a beggining splog shower within a single blog. I mention this purely for the historic record. When wp come out with a new splog blocking app we might have some background to the circumstances; otherwise, we lose the history of wp.

  4. Do you have a blog url?

  5. I found one and reported it immediately using the "report as spam" link.

  6. I just reported a second blog that has advertising embedded in recipes as well.

  7. BTW the 7 blogspot blogs that had duplicate advertising entries embedded in recipes too are all 404 ing today. YAY!

  8. Phew! for a moment there I thought the spoil sports had dobbed in the specimen splog shower I was watching. From what timethief says, it looks like we're in for another extended shower.

    @mark, If I give you the urls, will you create a wp account class for splog watchers and keep the otherwise "nuked" splog showers there where we can peruse their design and development?

  9. The 23 September splog shower ended on or about 2 November.May be it's just coincidence, but it seemed as if nothing was being done until it was commented about on Lorelle's influentual blog; and then smack, immediate action. Nothing like it before or since?
    I'm getting lazy: online casino gambling splog swarm has been active for 1 month.

  10. forestneeds - please send in links to these. I cannot know what you are seeing without you telling me where to look.

  11. @mark, you have them at your fingertips easier than I do: try the tags "online casino games", "casino gambling" etc. start with the one that I dobbed in jan 12 at 1:40pm using the blue line at the top of my dashboard, blog info, report as spam. It can get pretty tedious dobbing in splogs at one every 30 seconds.

  12. There is presently only one member of the Casino splog swarm up and running ( for 35 minutes only).
    Still a hand job to remove these splogs; no bots yet.

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