Splogger question (again! sorry :( )

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    Hey all I asked this on one my older posts (it wasn’t resolved at the time, but I got no response so I assume no one had the chance to look at it hence I will post another thread here :) )

    Hey all, got another question regarding the splogger/scrappers and I thought I will ask here instead of making another thread!

    So I want your oppinion on what you can make out of this, it is the link to the place where one of my blog posts got splogged:


    Now I contacted the hosts prior to that so I can assume a few things:
    a. The site got shut down by the hosts

    However they did not reply to my latest emails so I am not sure if they actually shut the splog site down or:
    b. The sploggers took it down themsevles to put at another server
    c. I am seeing the erro and the splogging site is actually still functioning

    I got curious because I saw this:

    And I do not know what to make out of it.. (I mean is it a remnant of the splogging site?, is it a form of “splog hybernation” and the splog will jump right back up again after a period of dormancy?, is it nothing and I should consider my complaints about that splog site have been heard and move on?

    I would have assumed that the site got shut down by the host but due to them not responding telling me they have done it (like other hosts have done so in the past) got me a bit curious.. I suppose they just couldnt bother telling me, but I thought id get anyone here on wordpress’s input :)




    I’m pretty sure it’s been axed.



    Advice for everyone:

    Anything at all, no matter what it says or what is looks like from anywhere on stackeo.com is spam.

    stackeo.com is bad and you should dump anything into akismet that gets past, and never tell akismet that it got it wrong with stackeo. Please do not de-spam anything from stackeo.

    It’s just plain bad.

    The same goes for bengo-music.com, anything that says “Nice site!”, anything that says they will add you to their RSS reader, anything that starts “Original post by”, any site when you visit that has ” … wrote an interesting post today”.

    Other bad domains that you should never ever de-spam:

    There are many others.

    If you aren’t sure, just trust akismet.



    Hehe I will take your word for it deltafoxtrot.

    Great info mark. I would like to mention that the stackeo pingback went straight to the AKISMET area for deletion, and now is good as deleted!

    Maybe this info should be added somewhere as a faq for others to see (unless there is already some place and I have missed it)?




    Actually it would be great to have a place where trusted forum contributors can post and edit information like this for easier reference. Think codex.wordpress.org for wp.com



    Do you mean like some kind of “mass sticky page/forum?” where we should advise people to view before asking a forum question?

    I say you go and suggest it :D



    Let’s brainstorm on this in the Ideas forum first.

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