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  1. Just wanted to say that after a few friendly conversations with a number of hosts and IP people and such.... I (well they) have managed to suspend the site and now there is nothing at it's place:

    and here was where my blog post was put at:

    Both as you can see are no longer working.... Now I am hopping that this is a permanent change (for that host at least, but if this only causes the slightest amount of grief to the splogger, then I shall sleep well tonight :)

    However, on the second blog that splogged me, I got a similar helpful response, but they said in order to shut down the blog I will need to file a DCMA report (as you guys have said)... which I admit will be difficult. 1 down... 8595489 million to go :)

    ( See this to understand where I am comming from: )

  2. Congratulations! One minor issue: This would belong in the Off Topic forum.

    Good hunting!

  3. Congrats!

  4. Deltafoxtrot: Oh terribly sorry!!! I completelly overlooked that fact :( (I am quite over-the-moon as I feel that this also alleviated the other 3499 people affected by that splogger)

    Raincoaster: Thank you for the congrats :). I hope this will lead to people to not feel so afraid at dealing with these people in the future.

    One tip: The customer service at the hosting sites/Ip sites were very friendly/down to earth/informative and you are able to get a phenomenal amount of advice regarding the whole process (so less bothering people here on the forum ;) )

    Cheers people!

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