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    A couple of nights ago I wrote my first blog post. The next morning when I logged in someone had linked to me. But when I checked it out they had copied and pasted my entire post! I emailed Support and was told that these kind of blogs exist just to steal others content… And had stolen mine because of the tag “fashion”

    Mine The Original: http://thepomegranateblog.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/is-there-such-a-thing-as-a-casual-dress-code-in-milan/
    The stealer: http://eroticaw.com/2577/is-there-such-a-thing-as-a-casual-dress-code-in-milan/

    I added a few notes re copyright to my blog and followed the instructions to send a DMCA Notice https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/dmca-or-not?replies=24

    I would really like to go the drastic last step mentioned in Lorelle’s blog http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/ and ask Google not to send traffic their way as when I googled key words relating to my blog my original post via THE SPLOGGERs address came up second on the list! Mine wasn’t even there!

    This evening I published a little “fun” post on the Simpsons then had dinner. After dinner someone had linked to me and it was another splogger with exactly the same theme/ layout as the first splogger! As this 2nd splog was called “Having Fun” I assume it stole my post because of the tag “fun”. When I checked my Stats for that specific post NO VIEWS had even been recorded! Which means the computer just randomly automatically selected it!!

    My Simpsons post: http://thepomegranateblog.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/move-to-springfield/
    The stealer: http://funmeec.com/archives/move-to-springfield

    Beware everyone! This is a pain!!

    Any thoughts as to if I remove tags “fashion” or “fun” that the splog won’t be able to link back to me? Or any tags I should avoid in future?

    Does anyone else agree that it’s okay to contact Google as soon as possible and ask them to take these sploggers off the search engine? I know Support and Lorelle believe you should work through the steps patiently and wait before going that far but in my opinion as these aren’t even proper blogs but websites which copy and paste other’s work its not like we are “hurting” them by stopping people visiting their blog… They havn’t earned these visits to their site – they just copy and paste. They are hurting us!!!


    Sorry its so long! Just letting off steam….



    Please read this blog that staff have created Stolen Content

    Forum Post ->DMCA or Not?



    Oooh. okay I’ll check them out now.. Thanks!



    You’re welcome! :)



    That site steals hundreds of posts every day… mine have been stolen every day for more than a week and it makes no difference what the tags used are.

    I’ve written about them today at fracas, not linking to them, but using their name in my title, so when their site url is googled, my post alerting people to them being scum comes up on page 1.

    I’ve sent word to the stolen blog and am now preparing email to everyone else.

    Many scraper sites steal only a few posts a day. This one steals HUNDREDS. I went back a couple days after the first time (I was too busy to take care of it) and had to go back some 30 pages of archives just to find my post. I realized then, that they steal hundreds of posts every single day. I ended up using their search box and typing in my name to find my stolen post… only by doing that is how I learned they’d taken everything every day from me regardless of the tags.

    They must be stopped.

    They also, cheat users by linking the blog footer info at the bottom, to pharmaceutical sites instead of the theme’s creator. I imagine those are pay-per-click links they’re getting paid for because they’re cheating the advertiser too.



    I’ve never been splogged to the extent & degree you guys on the forum have. The ones that do have linked back.




    You can check for more clues there but funmmec.com looks to be in very nasty company.



    See http://stolen.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/funmeeccom/ and http://stolen.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/eroticawcom/.

    If anyone does send a DMCA notice to CalPOP about those sites (or already has), please leave a comment on stolen.wordpress.com. I will follow up with them in a few days if no action is taken, and I need to know how many complaints have been ignored when i do that.


    I am having the same problems! I have a bunch of sites linking to me that just copy my stuff!



    accidentalsexiness, please follow the advice in this thread and read the Stolen Content FAQ. If you report them we’ll do our best to provide instructions on how to send a DMCA notice. Most of the time multiple complaints will result in the site being shut down.





    I’m getting used to it now!! I can’t believe these sites exist.. I did the first DCMA notice but I don’t have time to do it all the time since it’s happened a couple more times since.. I often find pingbacks where they’ll change my name but link back… The last one even had “Just another Word press blog” in its layout but Support told me it wasnt actually a WordPress blog!!!!!!!!!



    I’ve had too many things on my plate this past week, but promise to get to it today. I’ve compiled all the “evidence” and have it saved in a word doc. I just have to do the email.

    @ pornstarbabylon – the ones that just post a paragraph and a link back, I usually ignore, because though they’re earning money off their blog, they’re at least only quoting… which many people do including myself. You know they aren’t writing any blog content on their own, but some of the most popular blogs out there (humor at least) are just posting stuff they’ve found elsewhere. It’s when they post my complete work and then either make it seem like I’m a contributor to their blog, or that they wrote the post… that’s when I want to hurt them.

    However, in the comments to that funmmeec post at my blog, a very good point was made about how some of these sploggers aren’t aware of what they’re doing because they’ve bought a package from someone that promised to set up a blog and provide all the content… so they can make money. Doesn’t excuse them, but it does explain how some splogs are different from other splogs. This one is, like Mark said… nasty.

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