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  1. I've had content ripped off word by word by ( and I'm wondering if WordPress can help me here.
    This kind of crap should not be tolerated and should be stopped.
    If I have to deal with it I will but Jeez . . .

  2. Could you give us a link or the name of the post on the other site?

  3. While I'm perusing that, you might want to take a look at this helpful post on copyright and such:

  4. Since the title on the piece, on the other person's blog, links back to your blog, not to his, this could conceivably (most likely) fall under fair use. If I were you, I would leave a polite message on that post on the other blog asking them to take it down.

    If you wish to see what staff says about this

    Here is another good forum post on DMCA:

    Two relevant links to Wordpres/Automattic: in particular #7 and #8

  5. I should finish this: If you wish to see what staff says about it, then go here:

  6. I understand copyright and the law, in general, but this post was all original content.
    It was a blatent copy and paste right down to the post image.
    Talk about balls.

  7. @sacredpath-

    I do appreciate you taking time to look at this, I really do.
    Should have said thank you before.
    Must be my Irish temper. ;)

  8. Another interesting thing about this; no email address to send to. (just looked at the pingback)
    Yeah, weird.

  9. As I said, since the title of the piece in the other blog is linked to the piece in your site, it could come under fair use. That said, I agree it takes brass ones. I always do a short exerpt or quote and then a link to the full story on the other blog. Not everyone does though.

  10. I'm going to try and leave a comment (and not lose my temper)
    Thanks so much, SP

  11. You're very welcome, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a happy outcome for you.

  12. I'll let you know.
    Thanks again.
    Just left a comment on 'said' blog and used no profanity.
    Go figger . . .

  13. That's the best way really and thanks for keeping us informed.

  14. while im here i had a prob with a splog steal my post, and leave me a " a vanity comment". when i went to the site, filled ,with odd scripts, noticed it was not a blog, however they had clearly stolen a theme! It was a mascarade.
    my question is...
    where is the proper place to report a domain that is doing this kind of stuff?

  15. my apologies... i just now saw the link for Wp complaints... sorry

  16. @comzicchef. Lots of (all of?) the themes are available for users. If you self-host your blog, you can download the software and apply any of these themes. This is perfectly in line with their licensing agreements.

    If you think your own post content has been stolen in breach of copyright then you may make a complaint about that. Try looking at some of the links in thesacredpath's posts above for more information about how and when to do this.

  17. when I copyed your x-mas tree I used to wish the troops the are risking their lives for us. Yours was the best one I saw. It has b een removed. If you check my site again you will see that anything I took from your blog has been removed. I also had added you to my blogroll which I though was the rule. That has been removed also.


  18. I missed a couple of words in the first comment I was so pissed, my Irish I guess. I used the tree to wish the troops that are fighting for you and the rest of the country A"Merry Christmas". I know a lot of people do not agree with the war, but I do and I am a veteran.
    I am glad I didn't do anything real serious to you, You would have a hit put out on mickmck707

  19. That does not sound like fair use. You can take one paragraph in four or so, and give a link in the post to say where to read the rest, but you can't take an entire post. That is illegal. Live and learn.

  20. thanks roseclark
    i have a self hosted blog myself.... but this was a splog clearly, with funky scripts added . and if you check out the, they do note themes that have altered links in strings. I am not technically proficient to analyze nor do i wish too. And i dont care when people quote me.i just want to know a place where people who do look at this stuff, and make a decision to shut down something that might be malicious.

  21. Please understand that and are very different. staff cannot "make a decision to shut down" a blog that is not a blog free hosted by

    If the splogger you refer to is using a free template downloaded from then you must determine who the web host for that blog is and make a complaint to the web host.

  22. If the splogger who is stealing your posts is posting them on a free hosted blog then it's upt to you to make a complaint to activate staff

  23. thanks time ttheif, didnt think of that. in my circumstance the splogger was not a subdomain. Have a peaceful holiday season, to everyone.

  24. You're welcome. Have a wonderful holiday. :)

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