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spoofed wordpress comments

  1. FYI-- I've gotten quite a lot of spam comments, mostly from China, which have hit a WP MU ( The other type of comments are ones which lead to pages of nonsense. Here is one which purports to be from user. I guess not much can be done except make sure my common taters are all moderated.

    Name: cv radiation resume therapy vitae | URI: [Link Removed - drmike] | IP: | Date: July 3, 2006

    cv radiation resume therapy vitae…

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  2. If they're getting caught by Akismet, then the system is working.

  3. Sorry I wasn't clear enough. Akismet works fine. But I thought the pseudo-use of wordpress by sploggers might be of interest and a potential problem.

  4. Agreed but there's little if anything that can be done. Matt and crew would wind up spending more time going after little court cases instead of dealing with codeing and improving WP.

    Heck, even I've had mispelled sites over the years. Although I have done it more to annoy their hosts instead of for any financial cause.

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