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    I have looked through the forum briefly to see if this subject has been answered elsewhere, but to be honest I am not even sure under what topics to look, so if it has if someone could simply point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

    Here is my blog;

    Here are two examples of the type of pages I want an easier way to create
    A small one:

    A larger one:

    I created these pages on a excel spreadsheet and after some trial and error inserted them into the page successfully. The problem is that it is very laborious to work with them. Basically what I want to do is add more names (and info) to these pages from time to time as well as move a name from one category to another also from time to time. It works fine if I have an empty row all I have to do is to type it in the cell. If I do not it gets very complicated. If I try to copy and insert a row in the “visual” view it totally screws up the matrix. What I have to do is to switch to the” HTML” view scroll down until I find the category I want, then carefully select the entire code for a row copy it and carefully insert it into the correct spot. I then switch back to the visual view make sure I got it right, if not I bomb out of my Blog without saving and reopen the page and start again. If it is OK I then edit each line of the duplicated row with the info I want in that row.

    If I want to move a name to a different category I can not cut and past with out screwing up the matrix, I must hand type each cells info from one category to the next. It gets more complicated if the new category I want to put the info in does not have an open row, but I think you get the picture.

    I have tried lots of things. I tried inserting the Excel spreadsheet using the media insert function but unlike pictures it does not seem to insert a view of the spreadsheet only a file that my users would then need to down load and then open on their computer- if they had a copy of Excel. I tried also doing it as a pdf file but again I could only get it to come in as a file. I tried cut and pasting it in from something I set up in Word but WordPress automatically compresses it into a sentence format with only one space between words, which is very difficult to read. I have also tried updating the excel spreadsheet off line and then over writing the existing info, but each time I do that I have to reformat the page fonts (Bolds, underlines, headlines, and links) and that is incredibly intensive also.

    My 2010 recruit lists I figure are a lost cause, but I am getting geared up to start my 2011 recruit lest and I would prefer to set them up better this year. I am not picky, the pages do not have to match exactly what I have done in 2010 but I would like to have a column and row kind of set up. The method of creating a spreadsheet off line updating it and then copying and over writing the old one on word press might work if I could get over the reformatting issue, but I would prefer to do all my updating on line so could do it from any computer not just the one that has my spreadsheets on it.

    Any ideas? Am I missing an easy solution? It seems that I can not be the first person who wanted to do something like this. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


    The blog I need help with is mslacat.wordpress.com.


    Those example are HTML tables. You cannot use Excel spreadsheets. Excel does not speak “web” and will bring in all sorts of junk code that will mess up your blog.

    My suggestion is to get the Windows Live Writer blog client which has table functions and it is quite easy to add rows or columns. It is Windows only and is a free download.

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