Spurious break (br) inserted into posts

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    I promised to monitor spurious break (br tag) insertions into revisions in my previous question https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/regularly-getting-html-br-into-my-sourcecode-tags?replies=6#post-1291494

    I found a revision of an old post that had breaks inserted:


    The odd thing is: the addition of br tags coincides with adding p tags for paragraphs.

    I’m really sure I didn’t do these by hand.

    Does this help you sorting out this issue?

    The blog I need help with is wiert.me.


    Same problem, randomly happening with sourcecode tag and bash, only when editing posts.
    I write code lines, enclosed in [sourcecode]–[/sourcecode] tag, then save the draft and *sometimes* newlines become <br />.
    Thing is these spurious tags show both in Visual and text view, as if they were normal text.
    As far as I could see, all my published posts are now fine (I checked code formatting before publishing and manually corrected the <br /> tags).

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