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Squible Theme

  1. andreweglinton

    Squible is a great theme, that has some great integrated plugins like the flickr feed, latest comments, asides etc

    Is there any chance of that theme being included in

  2. I think one problem with squible could be, that it needs a lot of Plugins. Sure most are included in the theme, but they need still to be adopted to

    But I, too, hope, that squible will make it's way into the presentation tab

  3. <- there is a lot of themes! I know that propably everyone knows this site, but maybe admin could enter it and look for good themes! Sorry about my english:D

  4. I think most of us are not native english speaker, so there is nothing to say sorry for ;-)

  5. Squibble looks supiciously like a cross between K2 and hemmingway. In fact, he admits tha he took a bunch of code from K2. Quite honestly, I'd rather see K2 first. At least that dosen't need to have a bunch of plugins converted to work.

  6. My thoughts exactly although it looks like a great theme to me so.

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