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Squishy tag cloud

  1. HEO. I've been using the tag cloud widget and love it except for one thing: the tags at the bottom are clipped. That wasn't the case on day one. I did a search here and read posts about certain themes, but I'm using Misty, which seems to have a good cloud.

    Can anything be done to enable the bottom tags to show in their entirety? I've got it set for more tags than I use and tried a minimum font size <100%. No change. I even tried deleting my header, but that only went to a default "tag cloud" header.

    I know, if this is my biggest problem today I'm quite lucky. It's not really a problem, but an annoyance. Any thoughts? TIA.

  2. Hmm, look fine to me in IE6 on your blog. What browser are you using?

  3. I'm using IE7. Veggies and Websites are not showing completely at the bottom of the cloud.

  4. For what it's worth it looks fine to me in FireFox on Win XP

  5.'s a screen shot of what I see. Is this not what you see, with the bottom line sort of clipped? TIA.

  6. /nod and wave to ryannjenn
    It's clipped in your screenshot but it's not clipped when I look at it with firefox I'll check it in IE and be right back.
    Edit: I'm using IE now and it's not clipped. It looks fine.

  7. I see what you are saying by the image above, but it looks just fine (no clipping what-so-ever) in both FireFox and IE 6 on Win XP. You may want to send in a feedback to staff asking them as it may (i dont know) be an issue with IE7. I don't have access to IE7 right now...don't know much else to say sorry.

  8. It looks totally fine in IE6 on Windows 98 as well.

  9. ryanjenn and raincoaster...thanks for the input. I will email support. It just makes me a little crazy because it wasn't this way at the beginning. desktop (too old to be wired to this hookup) still has Win 98..I thought I was the last one!

  10. timethief...thanks! It must be me. (so what else is new, LOL)

  11. ellaella,

    It is clipped in IE7. The other posters must be using IE6. I always use FF, but have IE7 on my comp for web design purposes.

    I've noticed IE7 chopping off titles on certain WP themes, too, so don't worry about anything being wrong with your computer or it "just being you". Just switch to FF! :)

  12. Anyway, what I would do is send in a feedback to staff but do them a favor and include the following: Take another screencap of that you're seeing. Make sure though that you include part of your website below the bottom of the tag cloud. It's good that you provided one but without seeing what's below the bottom line, you really can't tell whats going on. upload that picture to your space and give them a link to it. make sure you tell them what browser the issue is occuring in as well.

    Thnaks for the screen cap, by the way. I wish more folks would take that step and realize that different folks see things differently in their browsers.

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