SSL Admin Issues

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    The SSL Admin option is kind of annoying because the certificate is issued for *, and my browsers (especially chrome) hate that. Could you please issue per-domain certificates or find a way around that, because it is very annoying to have constant errors in my admin interface because of that.



    You need to be more exact as to what the errors are. Supply as many details as you can, including browser version and OS version.



    I run several blogs on and since the introduction of SSL I’m getting out of my nerves because running them has become desperately slow. I tried everything : I activated HTTPS then desactivated it because I only work on my PC therefore I think I can do without it. I tried Chrome, Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 6 with no improvements to mention (Chrome gave better results but is still desperately slow). I blog almost all day long and it takes me 8 hours to do what I used to do in 2 hours. HELP !!!

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