Staff availability, 10 to 18 September

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    Hi folks!

    Once a year everyone at Automattic comes together in one place for a week to connect with each other in person, and to work on some projects to make even better than it already is.

    Because of this, from 10 to 18 September 2019, forums staff will only be available for a limited time each day, during US business hours. We will still reply to all threads tagged for staff, but we might take a little longer than usual.

    But we also have a team of excellent and experienced Volunteers in this forum who’ll be able to help you with most of your questions.

    If you have a question about a billing issue, refund, or an unknown charge, you can also reach our billing support team by using the Contact Us link on our billing support page:

    If you need help accessing a site or account, please see our account recovery process at

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