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Staff/Mods; Trying to understand how this happens

  1. See this thread:

    When I look at it, I see my 5:34 AM post as the the last post, but I also see this on the side:

    This topic has 4 posts
    2 posters
    Latest reply from whatwouldyoulovetodo

    And this on the front page:

    4 whatwouldyoulovetodo 1 hour

    My earlier post is apparently visible, but not the second post. It's also not highlighted in pink/salmon as was recently discussed for Spammed posts in another thread.

    Is there a difference between 'invisible' posts and Spammed posts? Or was the pink/salmon color abandoned?

    I hate to 'Modlook' these things since they're not really that important. I'm just trying to understand why one post appears, but not the next and why other threads aren't affected.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Spammed = invisible.
    When you see the right number of posts but the wrong username in the notices, your post has been caught as spam: you see it but others don't.
    But in the thread you linked to I can see your second reply now, so someone probably unspammed it.

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