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    My images on a page are staggered; the formatting is off. I’ve looked over the code and just don’t see the problem.

    In IE, the images were appearing flush to left wall. In Firefox, they are staggered. At least they WERE flush in IE. I’m on Mac now and can’t check easily.

    Any ideas? The About page.



    Yep. :)

    First, turn off the Rich Text Editor.

    Next, go to the offending page, and just after the last line of text relating to the photo put in < br / > (remove the spaces after the < and before the >) a couple of times. This will move the next photo down and display it in the correct position. Put enough in for the image to move clear of the previous one. Save and view the post a couple of times to ensure that you’ve got enough in there.

    Good luck!




    You can also, in rich text editor, cut and paste. Cut, Enter, Paste and so on.



    Thanks but I am still having an issue. I’ve got
    < br />

    16-17 times and it’s not clearing. And the other odd thing is that my visual editor IS off. Now… it’s a group blog and some other other ladies may have theirs on. But I don’t think they’re mucking around on that page. I asked if they DID, to turn off visual editor.

    So I have [br /] with < > of course instead. But is the spacing off or something? You know, I maintain my own bloomin’ blog and haven’t had this kind of issue. I just cannot get this right!


    Raincoaster, were you referring to cut and paste the [br /] ? Was unsure what you meant to cut and paste. Thanks.



    Sometimes when <br/> doesn’t work `&nbsp’ does.


    Timethief, one of the first things I tried was [br]&nbsp but that didn’t do it. So I tried [br /] with that spacing like so:

    [br /]&nbsp and I got NBSP on my page.

    I’m sure I’m misunderstanding here — I’ve not had this kind of trouble with code before.

    1) Is my spacing right? A space between br and / ?

    2) And to use the &nbsp do I need to use [br /] or just [br]&nbsp ?

    Curious since neither seemed to work… but still workin’ it.

    Thank you.



    What I was suggesting was too use


    and ditch the <br/> completely. On some themes this works. However, some themes are hardcoded and no matter what you do they will not give you another line.
    As for me I shut the text rich editor off eons ago. I either use the standard editor or when formatting matters then I use BlogDesk (free download). It works well with wordpress MU.



    I simply click on the picture and cut it, hit Enter, and paste it. I never realized this worked until recently. You can also center all the images and then they automatically display one above the other.



    i thought the <br/> tag is supposed to be written as < br > (close spaces in between < and >)..



    Actually drmike and Collin told us the new standard awhile ago now and it is <br/>


    I’m still working on it; The ‘nbsp’ alone seemed to work for image #2, but nothing is working for 3 so far.

    I also use BlogDesk (picked that up from TimeThief quite a while ago) but this is a page. I wrote it in BlogDesk and have tried copying the visual of it from BD and tried copying just the CODE from BD. Neither were successful.

    Still open to tips here; I guess it could be the theme.



    YAY! All three images are aligned properly now. Whatever you did worked. :)


    One, I’ll leave out the sarcasm I should be directing to myself and say, that Collin was correct. The [br /] worked.

    I had used BlogDesk to upload an About POST to see if I could use that code to create my About PAGE. Then I forgot to delete the POST and while I was editing the POST, I was refreshing to check the PAGE.

    Mucho gracias.



    Usted es la mayoría de la recepción.

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