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    Hello. I’m trying to keep some intro copy stagnant on my home page. I am using the Splendio theme, and it seems to only have the option of posts on the home page.

    I found “Static Page” in Reading Settings, but that doesn’t seem to work. Instead, whenever I post something new, it ends up on the home page.

    Is there any way I can keep text on the home page–maybe in another area of the template?


    The blog I need help with is



    At the moment you’re using the special “Showcase” template as your front: you don’t have to.
    1) Like all themes, Splendio can display a static page instead of your latest posts. You create that intro page in Pages > Add New, making sure you have selected the default template for it, not the showcase template. You create another (blank) page and title it Posts or something like that. Then you go to Settings > Reading and select the intro page as your front and the blank one as your posts page.
    2) Or you can select “Front page displays” > “Your latest posts”, write the intro as a post, and mark that post as a sticky (so that it’ll always remain on top of newer posts).
    3) But keep in mind that a static front or a sticky post may be good for new visitors, not so good for returning visitors. So another alternative would be to write the intro in a Text widget you’ll add at the top of your sidebar.


    Thank you for your help and advice. If I want to try option 2, how do I mark a post as a sticky?

    Thanks again,



    Hi there,
    All support docs are here >
    Type sticky posts into searchbox
    Happy blogging!

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