Stalked for Political Posts, Blog Suspended By WordPress, due to obeying Stalker

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    I have a Blog that was just taken down without the WordPress Staff contacting me to find out the ins and outs of the Situation. I have been stalked by several in a Community Service Forum Task Group, who are trying to stop investigations for the contamination of our County under Palm Beach County Florida. Research Acreage Cancer Forum. One of them, appointed by a County officer without informing the Public was Andrew Narcus, Andrew is listed as a Pratt Whitney contract employee, who, has secretly been on the Task force guiding its actions. He is assisted by several people in that force, One we suspect a Micheal Nichols, who is running for office and appears to financially benefiting from assistance to run for Office as well. Another, who wrote my Blog yesterday and threatened me in email, is A Patricia Cool (sp) who I finally informed her she was not to stalk me further. And to have no contact with me.
    Pratt is under investigation and being sued by over 300 citizens. At issue is brain cancer and other cancers caused by unreported and unregulated spills.
    Several Parties have stalked those who are exposing the Corruption and such as Narcus being a Pratt and Whitney employee.

    I have been illegally stalked by these individuals, my daughters welfare threatened, her life inadvertently threatened, Families have been attacked, children hurt, and its only a small group of them, yet they can do this much damage and get by with it.

    Two of them Patricia Cool and Jeanie vistited my blog and copied over 290 pages, and attempted to blackmail me into silence if I did not remove the post. I refused, as its simply a few of the acts of what they have already done.

    My Blog is legal and it relates to public figures and Public events. Under a Task Force in Florida, the Attorney General has declared members of the such to be Public Figures, and thus open to discussion as any Public Figure. Please return my blog to its regular condition immediately or I will take actions. Thank you Cathy Butler

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, nobody in the forums can help you. We can’t even look at what happened, because you didn’t tell us the name of the blog.

    What actions are you going to take?



    Also, and I’m serious here, if you feel you are being illegally harassed, for god’s sake don’t fart around in software support forums.

    Call the police.



    raincoaster I am posting to document while I call the police. Its
    I could make a list a mile long of this terrorist group who pretend to use the Acreage Cluster as an excuse to do these things. These people are simply sick or could be getting benefits we know nothing about. I had to hide my kid for gosh sakes…what make WordPress THINK they could do this?


    @cathy, since support is down till the 16th, I’ve modlooked this thread so that staff will see it and hopefully respond. You need to discuss this directly with them. Explain things to them. They are reasonable people and will listen.



    I am trying. Heavens. Thanks so much Everyone, you have no idea the nightmares these people have caused over 40k residents here. I was busy trying to get it documented on the Blog for everyone. They may well have hacked into it for all we know but that information really needs to stay up for public view. Washington itself was using my blog to document contamination in the Everglades and our county, and they just Put the glades up under UN Protection.



    In my experience there hasn’t been a successful hack of any blog. There HAS been infiltration, where some people have made untrustworthy people Admins etc.



    One of them works for Pratt and Whitney and a couple have high backgrounds in computer programing. I put nothing past any of them at this point. One of them I traced to working for Citrix, which is contracted with South Florida Water Management in computer programing, he was a head guy, programmer there, but putting out he had no interests. Only about a years salary or two is it. Citrix is the programing for the several of them, in the SFWM, so yes, they could hack if they wanted to.



    We are BIG Time stuff here. Some of the most corrupt issues before several Federal Courts you would not believe. Our County is the force that keeps us contaminated for political and financial contracts here. The Big one we were onto when this broke was CO2 Injections being done we think without our knowledge. They went out and formed a task group here with all the colleges, FAU, FPL, Pratt, Sugar,



    I’m sorry, but none of this is of particular interest or relevance. LOTS of people have tried to hack, including I believe an entire graduating class of Bulgarians who were doing Master’s degrees specifically in computer hacking.

    Talk to the police and wait for a response from staff. I know you’re upset, but continued posting here is not going to get you a solution any faster.

    If you want media attention, email the media.


    You just need to wait for staff to respond to you. They will likely post here saying the have contacted you via email, but they will contact you directly on this.



    Not sure why the site was taken down – more coherent and rational than some of the real hate merchants you find here that whack Obama and don’t want Google to be able to translate their blog from English. Getting upset at methods of Carbon Sequestration does not seem to me to be a TOS violation – but then I am not staff and I have seen them leave up some sites that were no more than affiliate marketing scams – so who knows –

    Good luck and be safe



    Thanks, apparently WordPress can be bought or pressured as well. Who knew?

    I guess we are all subject to having our posts pulled if the party we speak of chooses to pay off or to object with apparent threats so that WordPress succombs.

    CO2 is billions of tax dollars going into certain pockets by the way. 8 bill esp was earmarked for CO2 Injections but none in the Public knew that meant they were going to be sitting on it under their homes and if anything went wrong, look out.



    Sad, WordPress is owned by Government politics. Makes me wonder if they are worth it?



    Please contact us through the link provided in the suspension message if you would like more information on the suspension itself.



    This is what she left on my blog and and I responded to the email which I recognized right away……….Two days ago!

    “Patricia I am now doing a study of those on the Acreage Forum, seems if we asked all who might have political and undisclosed issues to resign from that board,

    There would be no Focus Group. It most certainly did not represent the Acreage and its people.

    Did you post this onto My Blog?

    If I were you, I would take this crap off of your website and do it immediately. The information posted here is either untrue, represents a distortion of facts, is misinformation, disinformation, and further constitutes libel and defamation against more than one individual. This leaves you open for a lawsuit from multiple sources. Your conspiracy theories and collusion theories have now been taken a step too far.

    In addition, the disinformation, misinformation and plain falsehoods posted by you at other forums further leaves you open for additional lawsuits. Take this crap down!”

    Patricia ******
    (She is a public figure hand picked to be on a Gov Task Force concerning Pratt and Whitney and contamination. )

    She responds…………(makes it clear she is stalking me)
    My response speaks for itself. I will go wherever you attempt to take it Ms. Butler. Unlike others, I am not so easily intimidated with your nonsense threats, and I am quite willing to go to court. One more email for the folder.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: (email redacted) <(email redacted)>
    To: “”ltdedishn”@***********Mai1er”:
    Sent: Sat, Aug 7, 2010 10:16 am
    Subject: Re: In response to your threats on my Blog.

    In a message dated 8/7/2010 10:10:48 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, ltdedishn@*******writes:
    Do whatever you wish; but be warned that you should take care. You can be sure as hell if you begin libeling me, defaming me, or attempting to destroy my credibility in this Community or in the County, I will sue. Don’t write to me again, or if you do, be sure that I will save every bit of communication and add it to the folder I have begun evidencing your prior acts of violation.

    Uh you visited MY Blog and threatened me Patricia. I already know about you. Looked it up some time ago.
    Not impressed, never was.
    Do you need help with your stalking folder there you are collecting?
    Since I have discussed with an attorney the actions that transpired, we are getting to the root of it, and your so called “prior acts of violations”.

    Funny I never cared enough about you to keep a file on you, but you are collecting all you can on me.
    Some would call that stalking Patricia. Some others would call it ill.

    I know you sent others from the Focus Group after me, I have it in writing dear. Stalking. Where do you want to go with this Patricia?

    There are several Law firms I named when I cited the CO2 injections none of us were told of here. It is important because the injections tend to take all the contamination in the ground and unsettle it so it can cause old pollutants to rise to the surface, causing cancer. If they are all working to get this under the nose of the public shutting my blog down is vital to prevent the public from knowing especially if we think they were testing it without permits and it went bad, resulting in almost all the south florida to be contaminated.



    Markel I have been contacting you repeatedly. You have not responded. Put My blog up or have an explanation of why and who took it down.



    Just speculating, but the “give away of the day” does look troublesome.



    here some speculation raincoaster, Give away of the day, is a WordPress program, with no charge for free. I am ‘advertising’ wordpress itself and one of its forums. I like the program, no charge. If it was a bad program, wordpress will have to pull it as well.



    It is completely unethical of WordPress to claim they are not here, pull the blogs and then say, well we will be back in ten days to talk about it. Unethical is an understatement, and if they are ‘not here’ then how come they are here?

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