Standard format displaying as Gallery format in Forever theme

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    Hi! I am wondering if anyone can help. I recently started a blog, and have two posts thus far that are both set to show up in the “standard” format. However, the post “Puppy Chow”, posted on 1/27/2013, looks like it is showing up in the Gallery format. Can someone please help me get both posts into the standard format?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not in the Gallery format: a gallery format post would say “This gallery contains n photos” next to the thumbnail. It’s a post excerpt, because you’ve set a featured image to that post. That’s the way Forever works: a post without a featured image shows up in full, a post with a featured image shows up the way you saw.


    Thank you so much, Justpi! I took out the featured image and everything looks just how I want it to now. I appreciate your help, and especially your prompt response!


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