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Stange appearance in Stats

  1. I was poking around in my stats, checking some links and track backs when I see in my "clicks" data that the #2 link clicked on my blog today is to a site called "". I don't have a clue about "" and don't know why I would have this on my blog ever (let alone today), but I clicked it to see what it was. It took me to yet another stupid spam/shopping site. So, my question is, how the hell did this get on my blog somewhere and why is it in my stats? I did not put a link to this site on my blog and now I can't figure out where it is so that I can delete it!!!! Please help me! Is it dangerous? Or is this an evil viral marketing thing?

  2. Probably it's because of the Adsense WordPress sometimes runs on our blogs. Regular readers don't see it, uses don't see it, but if someone comes from a search engine, they probably see adsense on your blog. And possibly click on it.

  3. I wish people wouldn't do that clicking adsense thing. It only encourages them. :(

  4. About strange stats, on my Random Acts blog, suddenly I have a Post named "352" appearing in my "Top Posts" stats. Never wrote such a thing, doesn't appear in my Manage>Posts, appears only in my stats. Hovering over the link, it is my own blog URL with /// at the end. ??!

    (@davidbridger-if, by "them", you mean, on the contrary. On the rare occasion ads appear on my blog and if by clicking on them site visitors help keep blogging free on, please click away. :) I agree the ads are ugly, but between us would they be any less ugly if users ran them instead of wordpress?)

  5. I don't mean, justjennifer. I mean visitors who click the adsense ads. I love my blog, and I enjoy the wordpress community, but I really don't like the thought of someone else plastering adsense crap all over my content. I would happily pay wordpress a small annual fee to replace whatever pennies they might make from adsense ugliness.

  6. David-you might then be interested in this thread if you haven't read it yet

  7. Just Jennifer - I have some of those numbered links referring to posts I moved to another blog on WordPress. Perhaps it's something you deleted but it's still showing up on search engines.

  8. @particlesofspirit Ah-ha! And hmmm...haven't moved, but deleted and I'm thinking real hard now if that was even a published Post...

  9. Thanks guys- I couldn't find this thread. Sorry it took so long to get back. I guess what you're saying makes sense.

    But now I'm kind off pissed if I understand what you are saying....on a blog, wordpress is running adsense? Without my permission? And I can't I see it or control it? Is there a way to opt out of this?

    Yet another reason to switch to Blogger......sigh.

  10. @habitual-read this and then stop and think how many times you've actually seen an ad anywhere on The ads are there, no denying it. and not just on our blogs but also on's tag and category pages.

    There have been forum threads galore about running Adsense on our blogs, just click the tag I've added to this thread and you'll see. Probably the most interesting thing to come out of all the discussions that I've read was a link provided by wpvstp to an interview of Matt Mullenweg by Jonathan Bailey of It certainly puts things in a different light. (There's also been some speculation as to if running Adsense globally on isn't one of the reasons why blogs rank so high in search returns on Google, but I can't find the link.)

    Happy blogging wherever you decide to do it.

    (Someone please slap me; I'm starting to sound like a fanboy!)

  11. I hadn't seen that interview. Thanks for that.

    I'm not sure about the Adsense/Googlejuice link; the MAIN reason blogs rank the way they do is the Global Tag System, which is ingeniously set up. I explained it to a bunch of Drupal nerds the other day and they nearly wet themselves. Then, of course, they got outraged.

    But Google and have had tetchy relations in the past as far as I can judge; perhaps the Adsense is the only thing that stops Google from downgrading the blogs.

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