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Starring posts?

  1. Is it possible to "star" or somehow make my favorite posts stand out, like in gMail?


  2. You could give them a special category.

  3. Right. I thought about that one. But you're saying there's really no way to quick-add/-remove such a designation.

    I'd have to go into the dashboard or something like ecto and manually remove these things. Makes sense. Perhaps a plug-in will be made to "quick-highlight" or "quick-star" certain posts.

  4. There are a number of plugins that do this function in a variey of ways.

    Because of security concerns plugins, at least for now, are not allowed at

  5. Hi Marc,
    Can you please point me in the direction of a good one?

    I'm very new and wouldn't know which to pick unless I tried out every single one.

    BTW: Is there some sort of ranking system or rating system for plug-ins? A site that rates plug-ins?


  6. try a 'best of' page, or perhaps a best of link category? A little bit of work to set it up, but easy to operate once you're underway

  7. I could point you any any number of directions for plugins, Like here or this link for example. But as I said previously you can't install them in a blog.

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