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Start on static page on K2-lite means can't get to blog

  1. I am using the K2-lite theme at I've selected 'Front page displays: A static page'. If someone visits my site and tries to click the 'Blog' tab, it links to the home page... which is the static page. It seems like there is no way for a visitor to access my blog posts.

    Any suggestions for changing this behaviour? How can I get the 'blog' tab to go to my blog, instead of the home page?

  2. Oh. I think I get it now. Sorry about taking up forum space.

  3. I've sort of fixed this but the webpage behaviour is ridiculous now. The 'Blog' tab acts as 'home', and the posts (which I've called 'photography') tab links to 'blog' where my posts are. Any suggestions?

  4. thistimethisspace

    Technically you can assign any page you create to become your "static" front page but the K2 Lite theme is hardcoded to have "blog" as a front or "home" page. And in a blog only one page will automatically update with each new post you make.

    Although it's very "trendy" right now to have a static front page that some people are calling a "landing page" doing this has a downside.

    (1) Your readers come to read your blog posts and repeat readers do not appreciate clicking through an introduction or a biography over and over again and again.

    (2) I have noted that serious bloggers who have high page rankings do not have "static" front pages. They choose to have the blog posts that people want to read right up front when readers click into their site. And they ensure their navigation is set up so it's reader friendly. They are serious about their stats so everything that counts towards page rank is found on their front page.

    (3) Your page rank assigned by Google is primarily calculated by what's on your front page. If you have zero posts, zero comments and zero links on your front page then there's nothing there that adds up to a page rank.

  5. If you are considering using another theme these may be helpful

  6. Thanks all. As soon as you told me it was a template issue, I just had to exercise my brain a bit to make use of the blog section as the start page. I think my site is better structured now.

  7. Your blog is looking good and structured well now. Have you also noted that the new theme you chose also has page templates (default, archives, links, contact)?

    -> Write -> Page (look down the row of blue buttons on the right hand side of the page beyond the editor box for "Page Templates") You enter a just page title for (archives, links, contact) - enter no contents into the body of the page - then click "publish" and VOILA!

  8. Ah, brilliant! Have immediately put in place the Archive page. Ooooh, the contact page is fantastic!

    If only there was greater control over the links template, I would use it for my news section. I would like it to display the description on the page. Maybe I'll use it anyway, for the sheer fun of using templates.

  9. w00t! I guessed you'd like them as much as I do. :)

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