Start up a blog, later move without losing traffic,

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    As I understand it, it is impossible to add, banners, advertisement etc, unless you have your own domain name and your own hosted wordpress blog.

    I therefore want to start a free wordpress blog, and later move it over to my own hosted server/domain name.

    1. Is it necessary that I install the wordpress blog on my own hosted place in order to add advertisement/banners?

    2. Will I lose all my traffic and google ranking if a move the blog and change the domain name so I have to start all over again?



    If you change the URL then you start over with the search engines.

    Get your own domain and map it to your WordPress.COM site, then if you move then no big deal as long as you move to a correctly configured self hosted WordPress site.

    timethief has a nice Post on your question but I forget the exact URL:



    PS – yes you do understand the advertising policy – break the policy and your blog can be suspended with NO warning.



    To add to what auxclass said: it’s not the exact URL but it will let you navigate through articles related to this topic ;-)

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