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  1. Everyone is doing it, now so am I. We all need to get blogging I'm told so lets all start up a blog and get blogging. Mine is here:

    Leave comments and make sure to leave a link to your blog.

    And remember.....

    Why Is Not An Answer.

  2. Please do not post the same thing three times. It makes you look like a desperate spammer.

  3. THREE TIMES??? RC, dear... your math needs work.

  4. Well, I only saw it three times. Were there more?

  5. I didn't post this Three times

  6. There are two in the Support forum and this here. Is someone else posting under your name?

  7. So there is... My bad. Unintentional. Thanks for pointing it out, I do drink alot.

  8. Ah, w-m, I see what you mean. He's really going nuts leaving spam links everywhere.

    whyisnotananswer, if you're really a blogger, STOP SPAMMING THE FORUM AND START BLOGGING. Because otherwise you look like a total ass.

  9. Eggsackly.

  10. raincoaster,

    Does it feel good when you point out others mistakes, is that all you have? As you can see by my profile I've only been a member for 3 hours, so get a grip, people make mistakes.

    But I suppose you like being a condescending jerk, so go crazy.

  11. So you joined 3 hours ago to post the same spammy thing at least 3 times?

  12. ahhhaha yayyyy raincoaster just got egged by a noob ahahha. Btw raincoaster i think hes telling the truth and as you can see i'm not leaving my url link so relax people...

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