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Started a blog, deleted it and now want to reuse the domain name.

  1. Hello all,

    Earlier in the year, I started a blog as part of a management class I was taking. After the class finished and all the components were graded, I deleted the blog (or so I remember - it was a few months ago). I am now interested in rekindling my WordPress activity, but cannot access the now deleted account (I am still following the blog and see the content in it, though, so I'm not sure if it was actually deleted) nor can I reuse the domain name for a new blog.

    Can any support staff or users help me out to either reinstate the blog I once deleted (though I understand that these things are often final) or open up the domain name for reuse. I understand that there is an option at the point of deletion which specifies whether the user wants to allow the domain name to be reused, but I can't remember whether I enabled that or not.

    Kind regards.

  2. Nobody can help you without the URL of the blog in question, starting with http.

    If you actually deleted the blog, it is final. There are three warnings and an email confirmation, all of which say that deletion is permanent and irreverisble.

  3. Apologies, the URL is

    Though deletion is final, is there no way to reuse the domain name (especially given that they would both be tied to the same profile and email address)? Is the domain name locked up for eternity now?

  4. What does "permanent and irreversible" mean to you? The deletion is permanent. It is irreversible.

  5. To clarify, I am not looking for the content back or anything, and I understand that its deletion was permanent. I am simply looking to use of the domain name attached to the blog again, something I presumed would become free again once the content attached to it was irreversibly deleted (though that seems like it may not be the case).

  6. The URL was permanently deleted, as was the content. That is specified in the warnings you saw before you deleted the site.

  7. Although I can understand why the content may need to be deleted, why was the ability to use the domain name restricted? I am not disputing anything, simply curious.

    Also, as a side-point, I can still actually view the content of the deleted blog from my Dashboard (images and all). Does this mean it wasn't deleted properly or that it is cached somewhere for some reason?

  8. I'll have to flag this for staff to answer those questions.

  9. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from a staff member.

  10. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this site.

    You are seeing a local cache of the site - probably on your PC & browser cache -

    No reuse is to prevent impersonating a blog - you have a family blog with kids pictures then delete it - someone else grabs the blog name and puts nudes or other mature adult content on it - your aunt Millie did not get the word and visits the site and is a bit shocked at what what sees and thinks you have gone nuts - it is a one size fits all policy that not everyone likes

  11. That's strange, as I haven't accessed the blog or logged in to my account since I got this new laptop and started using Firefox over Chrome - I can't think of where it would be cached.

    I understand the policy, though, however regrettable. Is there no way for me to verify that all of this (the deleted blog and my request to reuse the domain name) was conducted through the same account, and thus wouldn't lead to a case such as you described?

  12. Hi there,

    Is there no way for me to verify that all of this (the deleted blog and my request to reuse the domain name) was conducted through the same account, and thus wouldn't lead to a case such as you described?

    I can confirm that you (username tomasomeachair) deleted your site in March 2013. The impersonation case that auxclass described isn't possible here at, because we don't allow blog addresses to be reused after the blog is deleted.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about that.

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