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Starting a second blog - moving posts

  1. I originally had all my blog posts on the one blog. However, I need to discuss certain issues on a different blog. I have set this new blog up. Can I easily move blog posts from my old blog to my new one?

    My old blog is being kept open for me to discuss various items, so I just need to try and move these other posts to the new blog.

    Can it be done easily?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To move your posts, pages, comments, categories and tags, and media to another site, you can create an XML export file and import it into the new blog.

  3. Oh god, this may proof to be the death of me! Thanks Timethief....don't suppose I can tempt you to do it for me lol. Thanks for your help, knew you'd know!

  4. Create the XML file and save it to your desktop.
    Do not open it or you will corrupt it.
    Then import it.

  5. Thanks seem to have done it and have got the message to say they'll email me when it's done....I assume it won't delete all from the originial blog as I need to keep some of that one?

  6. Delete nothing until you have imported the content successfully into the other blog and are sure it's all there.

  7. The XML file will contain "copies" only. The export function does not delete the posts from the first blog.

  8. Thanks, you are a star!!!

  9. You're welcome and best wishes with your new blog. :)

  10. Hi timethief

    The posts seem to have copied over fine but not the media attachments, is this normal or do I need to try again or do it all manually?


  11. Don't do anything, okay? Has 24 hours passed? It takes time for them to appear. If 24 hours has passed then I'll flag this thread for Staff help.

  12. yeah it has, some media has moved across but not later stuff. I could delete and try again or is it easier/better to wait till staff have looked?


  13. I could delete and try again or is it easier/better to wait till staff have looked?

    Don't delete. Please wait for awhile and see if the images manifest. If they don't then come back and type modlook into the sidebar of this thread.

  14. As far as I see I don't see any stuck imports. Were you able to import the blog content? Looking forward to your reply.

  15. Hi kardotim, if you look at blog post 'Not a happy bunny' under it's a family affair blog, there should be up to 8 picture attachments, but none are showing from that point on. I can see the blogs but not the email attachments.......

  16. Could you please give me the link of the post you are referring to? and also the link of that same post from your previous blog (if possible)?

    Thank you!

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