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starting on wordpress

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am going to be opening a blog and I was wondering, do i own my name???

    for example, if my name is blacksheep. then i have

    Do i own blacksheep? Do i have to buy the name? If i move to another blog or change to or .org, DO I OWN THE NAME?


  2. is taken - has been since 2005

    if you registered a blog as then you would own it - it is for only your blog here at WordPress.COM - has been registered since 1999 (as well as all the variations (.ORG etc) so you would need to find a different name

  3. This is your username blacksheep101 and as username accounts are never deleted no one else will ever have that username here at

  4. PS - your blog here at WordPress.COM is free (i.e. ) - if you get a different name and map it to your blog here ( then it will cost you extra

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