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    Hi there, I’m having trouble understanding this blog site. I am very new to this kind of stuff and I messed up on my blog name, I was hasty when I created this site and I didn’t know it would be so difficult for me to change it to what I wanted. I’m trying to set up a blog for a business I am planning to start at home. I wanted to start completely over, which means new name and new email address. Can you help me out? I tried using some of the steps but I deleted the old email address, So I may have ruined everything.

    The blog I need help with is



    The Site title (blog name) and/or the optional Tagline can be changed on the top of this page at any time. > Settings > General … “save changes”

    That is exactly where search engine spiders look for the site title and removing it from there can cause issues with getting your content indexed.

    Note that the site title (blog name) and blog address URL do not have to be the same but it is better SEO (search engine optimization) if they are the same.

    You cannot edit any URL. If you want to change the blog address ie. the URL starting with http:// then you must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to do that and the URL you desire must be available. If so then you can change the URL by using this guide



    Every blog has a sole owner and it is the person with the username account who registered the blog under that username account and associated email addres. No matter how many blogs are created under any username account there will be only one gravatar and one primary blog that can be linked to that username.

    In order to completely disassociate blogs currently registered under the same username account and associated email address proceed as follows.

    Log out of and clear your browser cache and cookies.

    Without logging in to, register another username account under different email address.

    To transfer a blog from one username account A to another username account B you must first log in under the username account A that owns the blog you want to transfer to the other username account.

    Then you add the other username account B as an Admin of the blog.
    adding users
    user roles

    Then you A can use this process to transfer the blog to that username account B instead


    Okay thank you, I will give it all a try.



    I tried using some of the steps but I deleted the old email address, So I may have ruined everything.

    In that case you will have to use the account recovery process. Complte the form at this link and submit it to the Account Recovery Staff so they can contact you by email ie. not on these public support forums which are available to everyone with internet access.

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