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Starting soon, your stats page will be on the homepage only

  1. This is totally not fair.

    I use browser's persistent tab to open multiple blog links when I launch the browser. It takes long time for the new homepage stats link to come up compared to the present stats link which shows up relatively fast. With above mentioned change, I will have to live with the slow loading of page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please see here > Your Stats Have a New Home Stats
    and the other threads in the Off-Topic Forum on the same issue.

  3. kevinfromcanada

    While it is great that people are being referred to other threads, perhaps we could ask the obvious question: Since it would take no effort to leave things the way they are (and since no one has indicated how the proposed change would make things better), maybe "doing nothing" would be a good idea?

    If the change is supposed to make anything better at all, could someone please say what the "improvements" are? Certainly, we have had enough people -- including me -- talk about the downside.

  4. If you really take the position that a bevy of reptitive threads that have no support issue in them,l ought to keep bumping up the forum above the threads that do have actual support issues in them, rather than being moved to the Off-Topic Forum which is for discussion, then it does appear that you, I, Moderators and Staff are not in agreement with you.

  5. I selected "not a support question" option before posting this. I do not have time to go through other posts. I am indicating a little side-effect of this change as it applies to at lease one person. If WordPress has any interest, they'd want to hear this post and wouldn't consider this off-topic. I obviously don't have a support issue otherwise I would send it to proper queue.

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