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"Starting soon, your stats page will be on the homepage only."

  1. absurdoldbird
    Have you really read what ingrid said?
    It is the extra-click, not to mention the extra-hovering, which is inconvenient.

    Besides, from the concept point of view, the homepage is something user-related. The statistics page on the other hand, is definitely blog related. So it should stick to the blog administration.

  2. @absurdoldbird--I use that drop-down all the time, forgot to mention it as a third way to get to "manage comments". While not literally an extra click, hovering over first the gravatar, then over the first drop-down for my blog, then sliding over the second drop-down to get to "manage comments" before finally clicking--is just as convoluted as clicking twice. As I said, it won't kill me, I just much prefer having the link(s) visible and immediately available in the left column...

  3. @pinguilde - yes I did.

    @ingridcc - I do actually agree with you. The whole thing is a pain, but that said, change things all the time, it's what they do. And one can either get used to it or leave. (One day I will come to the end of my tether and probably leave, but at the moment I'm in the process of getting used to this current change.)

    There's an old (but still valid) post on Lorelle's blog that pretty much sums up and what they do:

    And here's the relevant quote from it that I'm referring to (with my emphasis in italics):

    " is the premiere WordPress site, acting as a beta tester for new features coming out for the self-hosted, full version of WordPress."

    In other words, as I've said many times in these forums - and only the forum volunteers who've more experience than me take any notice of it - we're all guinea pigs here: unpaid testers.

  4. +1 I too like the older one..

  5. we're all guinea pigs here: unpaid testers.

    And damn good testers we are too, if I may say so myself!!

  6. Seriously, this is the worst move so far. Or maybe the first terrible move was to remove the "New Post" button from everywhere. This is odd. I've been on WP for more than 9 years now, and liked it a lot, but the last few months have been a debacle or horrible decisions! What's happening??? (and why do my comments never appear in these forum and stay in moderation forever???)

  7. I noticed this message today on my dashboard and came here.
    I checked out the new version but I like the older version better. Newer one is just killing the user experience.
    And what I am reading is WP is ignoring the user feedback. WP remember - "What you sow, so shall you reap."

  8. I've given up. If feedback is not accepted with grace and gratitude and not taken seriously, then one day I'll just get tired of the attitude and move.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Automattic needs to remember our value to them. Yes, we get a free platform - in return, Automattic get free testing. Some of us are actually highly qualified testers in our professional lives. My daily rate would be $2,700 and those skills others pay for Automattic is getting for free. Admittedly I am not testing every theme for them, but I'm sure you get my drift. It is a two way street here and I won't be spoken to like a naughty child by someone younger than my oldest son. It is rude, arrogant and totally inappropriate in a professional environment.

  9. I thought I read somewhere the new page would be httpS:// ?

    It is not as far as I can see.

  10. kevinfromcanada

    I wanted to bring this thread back up and, perhaps with rose-colored glasses, offer the thought that perhaps WordPress is actually paying attention to us.

    There has not been any change so far -- which I would say is neutral. But we also know that WP never wants to admit a mistake.

    So perhaps we could be equally kind and say that maybe they are re-evaluating their plans? :-)

    I know. Beware your rose-colored glasses.

  11. kevinfromcanada

    A country map showed up on my homepage stats page today (and not on the dashboard version). While it is not something that is super important to me, it does at least indicate that WordPress is trying to add features to the new stats page procedure -- something they haven't bothered to tell us previously.

  12. Of course WP is paying attention. Most of the complaints have been addressed. Look through and see at all the specific objections, and almost every one is resolved.

    There's a link to your dashboard on the stats page.

    I always had a tab open with my stats, and another with my dashboard. I have no complaint at all.

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